Family Program

People struggling with addiction rarely suffer alone. The addict’s family also gets caught in their downward spiral as addiction can destroy the trust and vital interpersonal relationships between family members. Sovereign Health of Florida encourages families to participate in their loved one’s recovery process to heal broken rlationships and learn how to best help their loved ones lead a clean and sober life. Sovereign’s family addiction recovery program provides resources designed to mend broken relationships and provide full family addiction recovery.

“Oftentimes, we treat addictions looking solely at the individual,” said Stephanie Lusk, a University of Arkansas assistant professor of rehabilitation education and research. “It’s very important to realize that addiction is not an individual disease. It affects the entire family system and incorporating families into the treatment process is imperative.”

At Sovereign Health, addiction help for families is an integral part of each patient’s individualized treatment plan. The presence and participation of family members provides patients with vital emotional and motivational support during the rehabilitation process. Family addiction recovery greatly reduces the risk of relapse after patients have completed their program.

With the patient’s consent, Sovereign Health integrates the family into all aspects of the treatment process including pre-admissions, admissions, discharge and recovery management. Families are encouraged to participate in our family groups, family therapy and the two-day intensive family program while their loved ones are in treatment at Sovereign Health.

Family Groups

At each family rehabilitation center, Sovereign Health’s weekly family groups educate patients and their families about their substance use disorder. Participants benefit from sharing their stories and hearing about the experiences of other patients and families who are facing the same challenges.  Facilitators help family members to participate, encouraging them to share about the patient’s addiction and how it impacts their lives. Some of the topics discussed in family groups include:

  • Family roles and dynamics
  • Establishing appropriate boundaries
  • Enabling and codependency
  • Managing symptoms and triggers
  • Continuing care planning
  • Recovery management services

Family Therapy

Family therapy for substance abuse includes counseling and other types of addiction help for families. During family therapy, patients and their families can discuss their experiences and issues as they relate to each other in a safe and supportive environment.

At the family rehabilitation center, therapy is provided to help family members understand why their loved one exhibits certain behaviors. They learn what they can expect while their loved one is in treatment. This helps to reduce feelings of grief, anger, stress and/or conflict that may arise as the recovery process unfolds. Addiction family therapy strengthens and improves their troubled family relationships, communication and conflict-resolution skills. In addition, family members can address specific problems, including the impact of the substance abuse and/or mental illness on the entire family.

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Intensive Family Program

Sovereign Health’s two-day intensive family program is offered on a monthly basis to patients and their family members at both our Fort Meyers and Pompano Beach locations. The intensive family program consists of workshops, education, therapy and support groups. It provides an opportunity for families to come together and learn about the patient’s specific diagnosis while spending quality time with their loved ones. The Intensive Family Program includes the following elements:

  • Presentations by clinical staff
  • Personal and family goal setting
  • Reading and reflection
  • Workshops
  • Education
  • Individual, group and family psychotherapy
  • Psych-education

The program educates patients and their families, encourages positive family relationships, and provides valuable support and resources.

Recovery Management Services For Families

After treatment is completed, Sovereign provides patients and their families the resources they need to continue enjoying the benefits of recovery. Recovery management services include support groups, workshops, events and activities. These are valuable tools that help addicts maintain long-term recovery with the help of their families. Recovery management services offered to patients and their families at Sovereign Health of Florida include:

  • Educational workshops
  • Al-Anon meetings
  • National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) meetings
  • Annual patient and family alumni events
  • Community planned events
  • Email notifications of upcoming events and activities
  • Family and peer-to-peer support

Sovereign Health of Florida knows that one of the most important resources an addict has is a family committed to helping them achieve recovery. By helping their loved one, the addict’s family can also repair the damage addiction has inflicted on them. If you would like further information about addiction help for families at Sovereign Health of Florida, please call our 24/7 helpline to speak with a member of our admissions team.

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