About Detox Treatment

Substance abuse/addiction is a disease that affects the body and brain. Sovereign Health of Florida’s detox treatment can help individuals through the withdrawal process so they can focus on recovering from addiction living a clean and sober life.

How Drug and Alcohol Addiction Works

Many drugs change the chemistry of the brain, which can affect an individual’s ability to process emotions and feel pleasure. By targeting the reward center of the brain, which reinforces pleasurable behaviors — such as kissing or winning a game — by releasing a neurotransmitter called dopamine. When a drug enters the brain’s system, it floods various centers with dopamine, which produces the “high” feeling many drug users experience. Since the brain’s reward system wants us to repeat pleasurable behaviors, taking drugs is immediately reinforced. This leads to addiction.

What is Detox Treatment?

When an individual goes through detoxification treatment, they rid their body of any toxins from drug use.

The time an individual deals with withdrawal and its symptoms can last anywhere from several days to several months; it largely depends on what substance(s) were previously being abused. Withdrawal can be incredibly difficult to handle alone; counseling, therapy, medication and/or medical supervision is needed to reduce symptoms, and to prevent relapse or other serious conditions.

For medical detox treatment, an individual is treated by a medical professional either through outpatient care or inpatient/residential care. Both types of medical detox treatment options focuses on three key areas to ensure the process is a successful:

  • Avoiding potentially life-threatening symptoms and reactions.
  • Preventing ongoing substance use.
  • Providing relief from symptoms through medications and other methods.

Medical detox is available at our Fort Myers facility.

Nutritionally assisted detox is a natural treatment. Patients who undergo nutritionally assisted detox experience a faster detox period versus programs that rely on pharmaceutical medications. Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and drugs, such as opiates, are reduced by 50 to 60 percent in the first three days, and by 70 to 80 percent by day four. The vitamins, minerals and nutrients used to help the patient through their withdrawal

Currently only Sovereign Health of San Clemente, CA, provides nutritionally assisted detox.

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Symptoms of Withdrawal

The symptoms of withdrawal can vary depending on the drug that was being abused. Common symptoms include:

  • Anxiety, restlessness, agitation
  • Depression, irritability, lethargy
  • Tremors, shakiness, dizziness
  • Sweating, chills, hot flashes
  • Changes in heart rate, palpitations, shortness of breath
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Hallucinations
  • Musculoskeletal pain (opioid withdrawal)

More serious, even potentially life-threatening, symptoms may also incur. These include:

  • Seizures
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Delirium tremens (alcohol withdrawal)
  • Suicide

After Detox Treatment

Detox treatment, whether it is medical detox treatment or nutritionally assisted detox treatment, is only the first step in treating substance and/or alcohol abuse issues. Since addiction is a disease, it requires long-term treatment to prevent relapse. In order to ensure long-term success, an individual should then be provided behavioral counseling/therapy and/or medication. The length of treatment will vary depending on the individual.

Continued treatment has been proven to be successful in keeping individuals drug-free for the long term.

Taking the First Step

Untreated substance abuse is a progressive and fatal disease, but many do not seek rehab detox treatment. Detox treatment centers can help an individual become drug-free and stay that way. Simply asking for help can be the first step toward treating this disease.

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Sovereign Health of Florida’s Fort Myers facility offers medical detox. Our caring staff understands how difficult detox can be and does everything possible to make it a comfortable experience for each person.

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