About Addiction Treatment

Addiction takes a devastating toll on users and their loved ones. An addict risks losing everything: his health, his family – possibly his life. Fortunately, with the proper help, people can overcome drug and alcohol addiction, reclaim their futures and lead healthy, happy lives.

A person can become addicted to any number of substances. These can be legal substances, like alcohol, or illicit substances such as methamphetamine or heroin. When a person starts to delve into an addiction, the structure of his or her brain begins to change. This results in an overwhelming compulsion to continue abusing the substance. As more is used, the addict needs still greater quantities to achieve the desired effects. This can lead to severe consequences for the addict’s health, in some cases resulting in death.

What Does Addiction Treatment Entail?

Whatever the substance may be, someone struggling with addiction needs to find the best treatment to allow him or her to gain sobriety. Sovereign Health of Florida offers effective addiction treatment to provide patients with long lasting recovery. Most treatment programs will involve some combination of detox and therapy, based on the needs of each individual patient.

  • Detox: The treatment process may begin with what’s known as detox or detoxification. Harmful toxins build up in the body of the addict and these need to be removed. Because the process of riding the body of these toxins can cause painful and possibly dangerous side effects, it must be done in a safe environment under careful medical supervision. Sovereign Health of Florida provides patients with the option to undergo medical detox in which medications are used to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Different medications are used based on what substance the individual was addicted to. For example, Suboxone is an effective prescription drug used to help someone who was addicted to opiates go through the withdrawal process safely and aid them in combatting later cravings. For alcohol withdrawal, benzodiazepines will be used to reduce pain and prevent life-threatening seizures.

Sovereign Health also offers another form of detox in its California locations called Naturally Assisted Detox or NAD. NAD alleviates withdrawal symptoms using natural ingredients such as vitamins and amino acids to help the patient detox in a more comfortable manner and effectively move through the detoxification process. NAD can often speed up the detox process and jump start healing in the brain as well, giving patients a clearer mind for when they begin treatment

Once the detoxification process has been completed the patient is ready to move on to other methods of treatment.

  • Therapy: Therapy is a vital part of the treatment process as it allows the patient to address why they were abusing drugs or alcohol, learn what their triggers for use are and learn coping skills that will help them stay sober after the treatment program is over. Additionally, some addicts struggle with serious mental illnesses, such as depression or bipolar disorder, alongside their addiction which is known as a dual diagnosis. In many cases addicts are using drugs or alcohol to cope with their mental health disorder. Symptoms of mental illness can be obscured by the patient’s addiction which is why Sovereign’s mental health professionals work hard to provide an accurate diagnosis and recommend the treatment programs that best suit the patient’s needs so any and all problems are treated together. Sovereign offers patients a number of therapy options including both group and individual therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other alternative therapeutic approach like art and equine therapy.

Sovereign Health’s Continuing Care Program

Recovery doesn’t end once someone leaves the treatment facility. That is why Sovereign continues to help the individual long after he or she finishes his treatment program to allow as him or her to enjoy a new sober life.

Preventing relapse is a top priority. Sovereign provides former patients with the resources needed to remain free from drugs and alcohol. Sovereign will guide each individual to self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) which can be an invaluable resource in helping him or her to continue living a life that is free from drugs and alcohol.

Another excellent resource is Sovereign’s Technology Enhanced Aftercare and Monitoring (T.E.A.M). It can be accessed online any time, day or night. It helps those in recovery by using software technology that provides helpful tools for maintaining sobriety. Sovereign’s continuing care programs allow patients to continue to stay connected with peer-to-peer support and educational workshops.

Finding Help at Sovereign Health of Florida

Overcoming addiction may seem like an impossible task but with support and proper treatment, the addict can prevail and enjoy a new life of sobriety. Sovereign Health of Florida can provide that help. To learn more about our addiction treatment programs call our 24/7 helpline.

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