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Addiction takes a devastating toll on both the users and their loved ones. An individual addicted to substances runs the risk of losing everything – health, family, work, money and even his or her life. An individual can get addicted to any number of substances, be it legal substances, like alcohol, or illicit substances like methamphetamine or heroin.

When a person suffers from an addiction, the structure of his or her brain begins to change, creating an overwhelming compulsion to continue abusing the substance. Over time, an individual dependent on substances begins to abuse these substances in greater quantities in order to achieve the desired effects, leading to severe consequences, sometimes even death.

Fortunately, by seeking proper help and undergoing a proper treatment, people can overcome drug and alcohol addiction and lead a productive and healthy lives.

What does addiction treatment entail?

An individual can develop addiction to any form of substance, be it legal or illegal. However, irrespective of the substance abused, an individual struggling with addiction needs to seek the best treatment in order to tread the path to sobriety.

Sovereign Health of Florida offers effective addiction treatment that ensures a long lasting recovery. At our addiction treatment centers, the majority of our treatment programs involve a combination of detox and therapy and are designed on the basis of each individual’s needs.

  • Detox: The treatment process may begin with detox or detoxification treatment that helps remove the toxins built up in the body. The process of ridding the body of these toxins can cause painful and possibly dangerous side effects, thus, it must be done in a safe environment under careful medical supervision.

Sovereign Health of Florida provides patients with an option to undergo medical detox in which medications are used to manage withdrawal symptoms. The medication used broadly depends on the substance to which an individual was addicted. For example, Suboxone is an effective prescription drug used for managing withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate addiction. It safely helps in combatting later cravings. For alcohol withdrawal, benzodiazepines can be used to reduce pain and prevent life-threatening seizures.

Sovereign Health also offers another form of detox program in its California locations called Naturally Assisted Detox (NAD). It helps alleviate withdrawal symptoms using natural ingredients like vitamins and amino acids. NAD can often speed up the detox process and jump start healing of the brain, giving patients a clearer mind.

After detoxification, a patient is ready to move on to other methods of treatment.

  • Therapy: Therapy is a vital part of the treatment process as it helps a patient understand the reasons that pushed him or her toward substance abuse, learn about the triggers for abuse, and gain knowledge about various coping skills to stay sober after the treatment.

Additionally, some people addicted to substances also struggle with serious mental illnesses, such as depression or bipolar disorder. Individuals who are affected by both a mental disorder and an addiction are a case of dual diagnosis. Our experts at Sovereign Health of Florida ensure an accurate diagnosis, along with recommending the best treatment program as per the patient’s needs.

We, at Sovereign Health of Florida, offer a number of therapies like group and individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and experiential therapeutic approaches like art and equine therapy.


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Follow-up treatment program

The process of recovery ends only when the patient leaves the treatment facility. However, Sovereign Health of Florida continues to help the individual long after he or she has finished his treatment program.

Preventing relapse is our top priority. Therefore, we, at Sovereign Health of Florida ensure to provide our former patients with the resources needed to stay away from drugs and alcohol. Our continuing care programs allow patients to stay connected with the friends and loved ones to get the required support. Apart from attending the educational workshops, each individual is guided by our team of experts to seek help from self-help groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). These groups act as an invaluable resource in helping individuals continue living a life away from drugs and alcohol.

Another excellent resource is Sovereign’s Technology Enhanced Aftercare and Monitoring (T.E.A.M). Accessible online any time, day or night, this software technology helps those in recovery by providing them some helpful tools for maintaining sobriety.

Seeking help at Sovereign Health of Florida

Overcoming addiction may seem like an impossible task but with support and proper treatment, an individual can enjoy a new life of sobriety. Sovereign Health of Florida can provide the help needed to lead a happy life sans any substance. To learn more about our addiction treatment programs, call us at our 24/7 helpline.

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