The spotlight effect, social anxiety and surviving mistakes

All of us know what it’s like to make a social blunder, whether that blunder involves mispronouncing a word, tripping over our feet or forgetting the name of an acquaintance. Most of us also know what it’s like to lie in bed at night, replaying a years-old mistake and cringing inwardly at our (real or […]

Domestic violence treatment programs: Domestic violence shelters for pet owners
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As Immanuel Kant once said, “He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” Pets have such a therapeutic effect on people that they are now commonly used to comfort people in nursing homes, hospitals and airports. […]

Not just a pretty face: Pageant queen uses spotlight to address mental health issues
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She wears a tiara and a sash onstage, Miss Waco USA 2007, Miss Bay Area USA 2012, Miss Texas International 2015, Elise N. Banks. This pageant queen boasts multiple degrees in counseling and is a professional counselor in private practice and school settings. The mantra of Elise N. Banks – “Healthy mind, successful life” – […]

Occupational therapy: Technology’s contribution to occupational therapy
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Modalities of therapy are no stranger to new technology. Laptops, smartphones, video game consoles, GPS systems and email have taken the places of typewriters, stationery and Thomas Guides, making for an entirely new platform of interaction. For those in need of physical or mental rehabilitation, speech-to-text devices and digital games designed develop motor skills are […]

Occupational therapy: Occupational therapy to cope with memory loss
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Curbing the effects of memory loss is one unexpected duty some occupational therapists take on. Whether the result of aging or a byproduct of physical trauma, memory loss can become quite severe and, for those with Alzheimer’s disease, life threatening. Occupational therapists aim to provide patients with the coping skills they need to live life […]

Recognizing sociopathic tendencies
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While the terms “psycho” and “psychopathic” have become commonly used derogatory statements, psychopathic behavior is highly severe. While many use psychopathic and sociopathic interchangeably and the conditions include similarities, such as a lack of empathy and a disregard for the law and social standards, the two are fundamentally different as well. Scott A. Bonn, Ph.D., […]

Occupational therapy: An age-old profession with a rich history
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Occupational therapists work with people with physical or mental disabilities to make these patients’ lives as functional as possible. For a patient in a wheelchair, that may mean strategizing to enable them to cook for themselves. For those struggling with debilitating depression, therapists may draw up a schedule of activities to get patients out of […]

Occupational therapy: Making the transition from hospital to home possible

When the term “therapy” is used, people may think of psychotherapy, physical therapy, animal assisted therapy, behavioral therapy, art therapy or any of the myriad therapies available. A lesser-known treatment that may be overlooked is occupational therapy, a form of treatment that turns everyday activities, such as cooking or socializing, into a modality of physical […]

A time to speak and a time to keep quiet part 3: The mental ties to self-expression
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In East Asian cultures, the self-discipline of silence and the importance of thought are valued above a torrent of speech. In those cultures, certain speech is more likely to result in negative consequences than in the U.S. due to implied social rules. Heejung Kim, associate professor at the department of psychology at the University of […]

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