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Video reveals how inmate with mental illness was shot through cell door

Posted on 02-19-2018 Posted in Schizophrenia - 0 Comments

Video reveals how inmate with mental illness was shot through cell door

In a case of police brutality, an inmate suffering from a mental health disorder was shot in the head by a deputy in August 2015, according to a video that has emerged. The reports said that Matthew Trevino was experiencing a schizophrenic episode when he was shot by Corrections Officer Robert Hass at the Pasco County Jail in Florida using a 12-gauge shotgun.

As per a local television station earlier that day, Trevino was booked into the cell on a probation violation. However, the situation worsened when the officers tried to search his room for contraband. To do so, they had to handcuff Trevino and asked him to put his hands through a slot in front of the door. However, Trevino refused and instead showed his genitals to the officers and screamed incoherently.

An unnecessary step

According to the reports filed by officers involved in the incident, the man stepped back giving a “window of opportunity” to Cpl Haas to fire a round at him. A videotape of the alleged incident that was captured by another officer is now likely to form part of a civil rights lawsuit. According to Trevino’s attorney Mark Rankin, given that Trevino was right up to the door, it was completely unnecessary for Haas to aim at him. According to Rankin, it was not an emergency situation and therefore, there was no reason for the officer to forcefully enter the cell.

As per Sheriff Chris Nocco, the firing happened because “A criminal with a violent history failed to comply with lawful directions.” However, Trevino had no past incidence of a conviction for violent crime.

Not first case of police brutality

In January 2018, a mentally ill man lost his life in police custody. Marconia Kessee (34) was arrested after refusing to leave the hospital post his treatment but died two hours later in a cell at the F. DeWayne Beggs Detention Center.

As per a body cam footage shared by the Cleveland County jail and Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department in Oklahoma, while Kessee tried to explain to the officers that he had come to the hospital in need of help, the officers could be seen terming his actions as an attempt to get re-admitted in the hospital and mocking him by asking him to “stop with the show.” According to the victim’s uncle, instead of sending Kessee to jail, he should have been sent to a crisis center.

Happy to help

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