International Day of Friendship: Helping a friend or loved one overcome addiction
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A true friend accepts who you are, but more than that, helps you become who you should be. ~ Anonymous Just like the saying above, a true friend can do more than just offer sound advice; a good friend can help boost one’s confidence and bolster one’s courage; offer support during hard and critical times; […]

Senator Latvala pledges aid to Sunshine State’s mental health programs
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The discussion on Florida’s mental health funding took a new turn on June 28, 2017, when Senator Jack Latvala, Florida Senate’s budget chairman, pledged to adequately finance the state’s mental health programs, which had received a blow in the last legislative session. Sen. Latvala, at a luncheon in Fort Myers, announced, “We’re going to make […]

New study finds 12-step prayers may reduce cravings
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When in rehab, many patients elect to join a 12-step group, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or SMART Recovery as part of their rehab – it’s certainly something Sovereign Health of Florida encourages. Although there’s room to debate over the exact effects these groups can have for people in recovery, many veterans of these groups […]

Brain potassium may be the key to preventing alcohol relapse
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Researchers in South Carolina have identified a potential link between brain potassium, alcohol addiction and a cure to alcohol relapse. Potassium K+ Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) researchers pinpoint potassium K+ genes that are impacted by alcohol in trials involving mice. The research authors note that when mice – having been conditioned to consume […]

Air pollution might cause mental disorders
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Smog. A term coined in London in the early 20th century to describe that city’s mix of fog and smoke, smog today refers to the results of sunlight reacting with volatile organic compounds (produced by burning fossil fuels in cars, factories and other sources) and nitrogen oxide. This reaction creates two things: the toxic gas […]

Changes in social life may herald dementia
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Many factors affect social interaction in the later years, such as retirement, physical illness, and cessation of driving. Children are usually grown and busy with their own lives. But cognitive decline also affects relationships and activities. In fact, changes in the social lives of seniors might be a sign of early cognitive decline. New study […]

Exercise works as an antidepressant and brain booster
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Exercise is good for the mind, body and soul, and prevents cardiovascular disease such as myocardial infarctions and stroke. The American Heart Association recommends that individuals perform 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise a week. This amounts to roughly 30 minutes of exercise five days a week. Obesity […]

Prolonged marijuana use may affect brain’s pleasure center
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Consider this image: Two people are racing through the front yard of a mansion, from the mailbox to the front door. A red ribbon marking the finish line is affixed to the threshold of the door. Arms are pumping, heels kicking back furiously and the two are smiling. But attached to one man is a […]

Can mindfulness-based stress reduction assist patients with chronic low back pain?
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Chronic pain is one of the leading causes of disability in this country. In the United States alone, nearly 40 million Americans had severe pain and about 25.3 million adults had pain every day for the past three months, according to the results of the 2012 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS). In the midst of […]

Meditation can help athletes dealing with mental issues
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Athletes are heroes, inspirations to try harder, and sources of local and national pride. It’s easy to forget they can have problems, too. Certainly, athletes are at the same risk of mental disorders as anyone else. A study published in the Journal of Science and Medicine In Sport in 2015 examined 224 elite female and […]

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