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Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week: Bully targets at risk of suffering from PTSD

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The effects of workplace bullying are immense and adverse. The abusive conduct can have serious repercussions, if allowed to go on unchecked. The bullying behavior affects an individual’s mental health and sense of well-being. According to the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI), roughly 80 percent victims of bullying exhibit debilitating anxiety. Besides, nearly 52 percent people suffer from panic attacks as a result of continual bullying experiences, while approximately 49 percent grapple with worsening conditions of clinical depression.

To make every workplace safe and encourage people to speak against workplace bullying, the Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week (FWBW) is observed every year in October. In 2017, it is being observed from October 15-21. FWBW is an opportunity for those affected by workplace bullying to discuss their ordeal with friends and loved ones. Findings of a June 2017 survey by the WBI, which works for the eradication of workplace bullying across the U.S., revealed:

  • Roughly 19 percent Americans feel bullied, while another 19 percent witness it
  • Approximately 61 percent of employees know about bullying incidents at their workplace
  • An estimated 60 million Americans are affected by workplace bullying tendencies during any given year
  • About 65 percent of people report that they had lost their jobs when they complained against subjugating behavior and domineering techniques by their managers

Inflicting trauma is intrinsic to bullying behavior

Prolonged exposure to bullying can result in trauma. This can lead to the development of symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Clinicians say that PTSD is often a result of excessive threat which goes on to affect people’s sense of security. In such people, coping mechanisms are extremely affected, making them prone to suicidal ideation. In some people, the first experience of bullying can cause them to feel depressed and can make them suffer from psychological problems like anxiety and panic attacks.

Workplace bully targets need to share their problems with their loved ones and seek help from professional experts. The myth that PTSD afflicts only war veterans can mask the possible effects of unrestrained bullying, preventing people from availing the services of PTSD treatment centers. PTSD specialists maintain how victims of bullying would continue to suffer in the absence of professional approach and methodical treatment procedure.

The pervasiveness of superiors’ behavior to intimidate co-workers has led to nearly 77 percent Americans voicing their opinion in favor of strict laws and meaningful regulations to put an end to the malpractice. Bills are already in place that declare that any kind of abusive behavior is subject to punishment by law. Fearing the social and economic repercussions, many people restrain themselves from complaining against their bosses or colleagues who bully them. American laws indicate that employers can be held liable, if they fail to act on any complaint made by their employees against bullying by their bosses or peers.

Road to recovery

Workplace bullying has an unseen effect on one’s emotional health that gradually worsens into symptoms of grievous mental health problems like PTSD, major depressive disorder or serious anxiety. The intensity of trauma decides the nature of the treatment that psychologists at PTSD treatment centers in Florida would advise.

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