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Alcohol industry to back a $100 million study to test effects of the substance on heart
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Over the years, the pros and cons of alcohol consumption have been highly debated. It has been linked to many negative health consequences as well as some health benefits. The relationship between alcohol consumption and heart is often complex with past researches linking it to heart diseases including stroke and even death. While some studies […]

Marijuana users are at risk for gum disease
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Marijuana is not nearly as dangerous to physical health as alcohol and other drugs are, but that does not mean marijuana use is harmless. Marijuana use has doubled in the U.S. over the past decade, likely due to medical use and legalization.  Many clinical trials have been conducted in order to further determine the safety, […]

Health benefits of drinking: It pays to have a critical eye
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What do any of us know about drinking? Someone in recovery likely knows more than they’d care to, but for most people, drinking is something done occasionally. A glass of wine with a good meal, a cocktail after work, beers with friends: This is the fun, moderate drinking most people engage in. What’s more, drinking […]

Dietary management of substance use disorders
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Research shows that nutritional management can help a recovering addict during his or her journey of recovery. Nutritional deficiency during an addiction recovery is a two-edged sword. First, the ingestion of a drug or alcohol in itself damages the body. Alcohol, for example, hinders nutrient breakdown and absorption. Substance abuse causes vitamin and mineral deficiencies […]

Taking care of mental and physical health during heat waves part 3: Planning diet and nutrition during a heat wave
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The last thing anyone wants to do during periods of hot weather is turn on the stove or oven and heat up the house. During hot weather it seems people naturally crave foods such as salads and meals that don’t require much cooking time. Biochemist Shirley Corriher says that contrary to popular belief, ice cold […]

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