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Writer and model Lily Bailey talks about her struggle with OCD

Posted on 03-29-2018 Posted in Mental Health - 0 Comments

Writer and model Lily Bailey talks about her struggle with OCD

Many celebrities in the past have opened up about their mental health struggles and how they continue to cope with it. Writer and model Lily Bailey has joined the league and revealed how obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) has been a part of her life. She was so consumed by her condition that she never realized how the disorder had affected the quality of her life.

As a child, Bailey was obsessed about checking the presence of monsters in her drawers and under the bed, which she would continue doing all through the night. When her sister was born, she would repeatedly check on her to ensure she was having a heartbeat and was alive. While she was growing up, she would put a lot of labor in being liked and appearing normal. She often struggled with intrusive thoughts of killing someone or about awful sexual practices. She even reached a stage when she wanted to end the misery and take her life but soon began to realize how the disorder impacted her family and friends, which prompted her to get better. With the support of her doctor and family members, she was finally able to take a stock of the situation and got better with time.

According to Bailey, people struggling with OCD fear shame and guilt and often take nearly 12 years to seek help. She continues to struggle with the disorder but she has learnt that it’s “really about continually challenging yourself, putting yourself in a place that in the past would have set you off.” She reminds people how important it is to know that recovery is possible and they can get better with time. However, it’s accompanied by setbacks and one should be prepared for it and accept the challenges.

Self-care tips to deal with OCD

OCD evokes uncontrollable and recurrent thoughts and behaviors that a person wants to repeat. Some people may have symptoms of obsessions, some experience compulsions and some can have both. It can affect children and adults but the causes are not known. However, there are certain ways to manage the condition. Some of these strategies are:

  1. Getting educated: It is important to familiarize oneself with the disorder. Gaining knowledge can be empowering as it will not make a person feel guilty or ashamed.
  2. Being honest with therapist: Many a times, people feel ashamed about their intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors and remain tight-lipped about their feelings for the fear of being discriminated. It is important to be open about what one feels with one’s therapist to receive the benefits of the treatment. In addition, it is also extremely important to stay compliant to the medication schedule and therapy appointments.
  3. Managing stress: Excessive stress can exacerbate the symptoms. Those with OCD should identify the triggers and keep a note of coping strategies so that one’s daily routine is not affected by stress. One should practice yoga or meditation, build a support network, get enough sleep, indulge in healthy diet and physical exercise, and spend as much time with loved ones as possible.
  4. Staying away from harmful substances: OCD is a long-lasting disorder and people struggling with it day and night might get tempted to self-medicate through drugs or alcohol. But self-medication can soon progress to dependence and then an addiction.

Recovering from OCD

If the self-help tips do not help much, one must seek professional help. Sovereign Health offers effective and intensive evidence-based treatments for various mental disorders. Our state-of-the-art OCD treatment centers spread across various parts of the country offer serene and trigger-free environment conducive to recovery. The therapeutic programs are tailor-made to suit the needs of patients in order to treat them holistically. For more information on our behavioral health treatment programs or to know about our OCD treatment programs in Florida, call our 24/7 helpline number or chat online with a representative.

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