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National Happiness Happens Day: Tips to be happy and productive at work

Posted on 08-07-2017 Posted in Behavioral Health, Mental Health - 0 Comments

Work plays a crucial role in people’s life. Some people are able to follow their passion and make a career out of it while others choose to work for money and to reach the top of the corporate ladder. However, no matter what the motivation to work, productivity issues can affect anyone.

Though work productivity is a combination of investment, innovation and competition, the key component of high productivity is employee happiness, which is often missing in the overall equation. Bland work routines, impossible deadlines, unmanageable workloads, the feeling of being inadequate and not being able to achieve the desired target, make even the most cheerful of workers, dull and melancholy.

With employment being closely linked to one’s mental health, one needs to recognize the early signs of unhappiness and consequent frustration and make efforts to overcome it. Faced with unhappiness at work, many people spend half their lives searching for greener pastures. Though it may seem like getting a new job would make an individual more productive and happier, the decision might not yield the anticipated results. The old age adage of “grass being greener on the other side” usually holds true. Sometimes it more of an attitude adjustment that one needs to do and make a shift to be able to enjoy what one is doing. Therefore, before one starts looking for greener work pastures, try the following tips for a more content, productive and happier work life:

  • Stay positive and reward yourself: Staying positive in the competitive work environment can be challenging. While one cannot control all aspects of one’s job or work life, it is still in one’s power to shape his/her outlook, responses and performance at work. Every once in a while, an individual should try rewarding oneself outside the job and indulge in activities like watching a movie with a loved one or dinner with friends. Rewarding oneself can go a long way in staying motivated and productive at work.
  • Get organized and take control: A known, yet often ignored fact, is that the environment of the workstation affects one’s personal productivity. A well-organized work space makes one feel in control and remain focused, eliminates distractions and helps one stay super productive. In addition to de-cluttering one’s work space and work equipment like tablets, laptops and desktops, one can create an achievable schedule to handle his/her workload. An organized and managed work space and schedule helps give an individual a sense of satisfaction and fills him/her with enhanced confidence and motivation.
  • Developing a support system at office: Teaming with like-minded people at the workplace can make one’s day more exciting, rewarding and productive. Though talking with supportive colleagues can help minimize stress, one should be careful and avoid gossiping. One should also avoid people with a pessimist outlook as staying with them can gradually erode one’s own happy and optimistic approach to work.

In addition to staying constructive and driven at work, one should also maintain a healthy lifestyle, as physical health can have a direct impact on one’s mental health and ultimately affect his/her productivity. Maintaining a proper diet and keeping oneself hydrated throughout work helps one focus on the task at hand and stay ahead in the game.

Observed every year on Aug. 8, the National Happiness Happens Day helps people recognize every moment of joy, delight, and pleasure and encourages an individual to be happy all day. Created to identify and express happiness, the day encourages everyone to acknowledge their happy moments and think about happiness on a daily basis.

Mental health also impacts productivity

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