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Adderall – beneficial or harmful?

Posted on 08-27-2015 Posted in Mental Health - 0 Comments

adderall beneficial or harmful

Andrew K. Smith is the author of “Adderall Empire: The Little Orange Pill That Delivers Fake Focus.” The book describes living with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and elaborates on Smith’s experience using the drug Adderall, commonly prescribed to treat ADHD.

Smith was diagnosed with ADHD in high school and described himself as “constantly distracted from the norm.” He goes on to note how the condition feels like “bouncing back and forth on an infinitely thin line.” Smith’s experience with Adderall was not what he had heard other students and some addicts praise.

An aspiring writer, Smith felt as though Adderall prevented creativity and, when he moved on to college, he sought an alternative. He discovered, a brain game and brain training website that improved his memory and allowed him to reduce Adderall dosage over time. He discovered that his creativity returned when he stopped using the drug. He acknowledges that his method might not work for everyone but, for him, cognitive training kept his ADHD symptoms under control.

He hopes that parents of ADHD children will read his book before deciding to start their kids on Adderall, in the hopes of influencing their decision. He also wants to make people aware of the prevalence of Adderall abuse as well as the potential alternatives to its use.

Abuse of Adderall is rampant in the United States. High school and college students have been known to buy and sell the substance, known for facilitating long study periods by keeping users awake. The sense of euphoria the drug provides makes it a popular choice as a “party” drug. It is estimated that between 20 and 30 percent of college students abuse Adderall on a regular basis.

Unfortunately most of Adderall users have no idea about the side effects of the drug. Detrimental effects of Adderall include cardiac and respiratory arrest, lasting mental impairments – even overdose and death. The Mayo Clinic lists no fewer than 50 side effects attributable to Adderall.

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Written by Veronica McNamara, Sovereign Health Group writer

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