Washington city sues Purdue Pharma for pumping drugs into black market
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Large pharmaceutical companies have been receiving bad press lately due to steep price hike of drugs like insulin, essential for patients with diabetes, and EpiPens that contains epinephrine, used for countering a life-threatening allergic reaction. In another related incident, city council members in Everett, Washington, unanimously approved the request of Mayor Ray Stephanson in January […]

No new antidepressants for another 10 years, say scientists
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Depression is growing at an unprecedented rate. Still, no new medication seems to be surfacing, and according to researchers, this may hold true for another 10 years. The reason is simple: no profit margin. According to the neuroscientist Apryl Pooley, pharmaceutical companies are reluctant to fund research for new antidepressants as financial risks seem to […]

Study finds most people hoard prescription painkillers
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A recent study indicated that the majority of people in the United States who have been prescribed opioids don’t properly dispose of the prescription painkillers and instead hold onto them for later use. These alarming results were published in the scientific journal JAMA Internal Medicine. The study This study, led by researchers at the Johns […]

The problem of hoarding and sharing painkillers
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A study by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found 6 out of 10 adults prescribed opioid painkillers kept, rather than disposed of, leftover pills. In addition, studies show individuals routinely give prescription painkillers to friends and family members. These findings indicate physicians overprescribe addictive pain medications, and patients keep such medications in reserve […]

Medical marijuana vs. prescription painkillers to treat chronic pain
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Opioids, including heroin and prescription pain medications (e.g., oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, morphine, fentanyl), attach to opioid receptors on nerve cells in the body and the brain to produce pleasurable effects and pain relief. Prescription opioids are frequently prescribed for treating moderate to severe pain; however, due to the euphoria and pain relief produced by these […]

A history of Western pain management
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It’s no great mystery that pain is a part of life. While key advances in pain management have yielded longer and full lives for many chronic sufferers, some pain relief treatments have morphed into potentially fatal vices. The following is an account of how Western medicine has dealt with pain. Early history The first instance […]

Self-medication for bipolar disorder: A dangerous path
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Bipolar disorder, with its wild swings between emotional highs and lows, is disorienting and frightening for both patients and those around them. The manic phase of bipolar disorder can make patients feel like they no longer need medication or therapy, stopping helpful treatment. Or patients can decide that they’re the best authority on their course […]

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