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ED visits high among children exposed to second hand marijuana smoke, says study

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ED visits high among children exposed to second hand marijuana smoke

People with drug abuse problems often tend to ignore the effects of the drug on children, which, in turn, makes the children an easy victim of its lethal effects. While several studies conducted in the past had substantiated this fact, a recent study, presented at a 2018 meeting of Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS), revealed the ways in which exposure to second hand marijuana smoke (SHMS) impacts the mental and physical health of a child.

The first-of-its-kind study confirmed that children exposed to SHMS and tobacco smoke were more likely to visit emergency department (ED) for tobacco sensitive conditions like asthma, otitis media and viral respiratory infections compared to those who were not at all exposed to substance smoke.

Otitis media episodes higher among children in marijuana and tobacco group

The cross-sectional survey was based on response from 1,500 caregivers who visited the ED of a tertiary care, academic, children’s hospital. Several details like the caregivers’ demographics, their use of tobacco and/or marijuana along with the index child’s medical history, number of overall ED visits and the number of tobacco sensitive conditions during the last year were taken into consideration. The data collected was divided into four different categories on the basis of the use i.e. marijuana only (4.1 percent), tobacco only (14.2 percent), marijuana and tobacco (5 percent), and unexposed or control group (76.6 percent).

On analyzing the available dataset, the researchers concluded the following:

1. Around 140 caregivers (9.2 percent) said that they regularly smoked marijuana and around 285 caregivers (19 percent) reported that they smoked tobacco on a regular basis.

2. A comparison between the groups revealed that all of them had a similar rate of ED visits apart from those in the marijuana and tobacco group, whose visits were significantly higher.

3. An increase in the episodes of otitis media was observed in the marijuana and tobacco group compared to the control group. Otitis media is a group of inflammatory diseases of the middle ear.

No significant differences were observed in other groups or for other tobacco sensitive conditions.

Marijuana and tobacco use can be addictive

Whether smoked, chewed or snorted, marijuana or tobacco use has a list of negative health effects. One must stay completely away from these drugs of abuse to avoid the risk of developing major health complications. While smoking tobacco is known to cause mood swings, anxiety, smelly hair, poor vision and heart disease, a person smoking marijuana experiences effects like short-term memory loss, severe anxiety, hallucinations, poor performance at work or school and financial troubles.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) babies, children, and teens with developing brains more prone to the negative effects of marijuana Even, smoking marijuana has been observed to have led to a number of life-threatening consequences, including suicidal ideation. CDC says approximately 22.2 million people use marijuana each month.

Treatment for marijuana addiction

Getting addicted to any form of substance is dangerous. Therefore, it is important to seek professional help from credible addiction facilities offering treatment. Marijuana addiction treatment can be best availed from a recognized treatment facility that follows the 12-step approach to addiction treatment, beginning with marijuana detox treatment.

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