ED visits high among children exposed to second hand marijuana smoke, says study
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People with drug abuse problems often tend to ignore the effects of the drug on children, which, in turn, makes the children an easy victim of its lethal effects. While several studies conducted in the past had substantiated this fact, a recent study, presented at a 2018 meeting of Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS), revealed the […]

Make drug testing a routine part of primary-care medicine, says advisor to Jeff Sessions
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The first Director of National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), a former White House drug czar under President Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford and an advisor on marijuana policy to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Dr. Robert DuPont, is promoting an aggressive drug testing regimen by vouching for routine drug testing in primary-care medicine and asking […]

Alcohol and marijuana use in young adults lessens success in life, says study
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Studies revealing negative health effects of marijuana are common. To add to the list, a recent study by researchers from the University of Connecticut Health Center has suggested the possible impact of continual marijuana use and its dependence on the nature of life achievement in young adults. According to the researchers, young adults addicted to […]

Smoking marijuana could affect the way people walk, finds study
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The perception surrounding marijuana use by Americans has changed in the past few years. From viewing it solely as a recreational drug to advocating its use for medicinal purposes, federal agencies have witnessed a massive transformation in people’s attitudes about cannabis. Researchers have carried out studies focusing on possible effects of regular marijuana use. While […]

Closing medical marijuana dispensaries linked to rising crime, says study
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Often accused of contributing to increased criminal activities in the neighborhood, it seems like the negative image projected by pot dispensaries is about to be shaken off. A recent study, published in the Journal of Urban Economics in July 2017, identified an inverse relationship between foot traffic in medical marijuana dispensaries and crime. In the […]

Medical marijuana legalization spurring illicit drug use, says study
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The past 20 years have witnessed a considerable change in cannabis use and related laws. While many American adults now favor legalizing recreational use of marijuana, the country has seen a sharp increase in the number of pot users over the years. Now, a new study by researchers at the Columbia University suggests that medical […]

Florida governor to sign medical marijuana bill into a law
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Florida Governor Rick Scott is all set to sign into law the Senate Bill (SB) 8-A, the Medical Use of Marijuana Act, which was approved by the state legislature during a special session on June 9, 2017. State health officials on June 19 moved forward with their medical cannabis plans and the bill was formally […]

Quincy-based dispensary ordered to stop selling whole-flower cannabis product
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The Florida Department of Health on May 15 ordered a Quincy-based dispensary to stop selling a medical cannabis product that could potentially be broken down into pot and be smoked. Trulieve, one of the state’s seven medical marijuana providers, started selling canisters containing cannabis flower last week at five retail dispensaries and through home delivery. […]

Florida legislature fails to pass medical marijuana bill
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The Florida legislature on May 5 failed to pass the amended House Bill (HB) 1397, a legislation that would have created a framework legalizing medical marijuana for a wide variety of patients. It is now up to the Department of Health to come up with rules by July 3 and have them executed by October […]

Florida Senate approves amended medical marijuana bill
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The Florida Senate on May 4 passed House Bill (HB) 1397 by a 31-7 vote that allows patients with chronic pain related to one of the 10 qualifying conditions to receive medical marijuana. The bill also allows patients to visit a doctor once every seven months to receive prescriptions of three 70-day supplies. One of […]

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