Located on the banks of the Caloosahatchee River, our Fort Myers treatment site is secure, peaceful and perfect for patients recovering from mental health disorders, substance abuse and dual diagnosis. Patients can enjoy waterfront views and long strolls at our residential site, all while getting 24-7 supervised medical/nonmedical care.

Our facility has:

  • Gated access
  • 24/7 patient monitoring
  • Crisis intervention available 24/7
  • Separate living quarters for men and women
  • Twin bedrooms with private bathrooms
  • TV and game time
  • Grassy areas for walking
  • Yoga and fitness “boot camp”
  • A library with a fireplace
  • A computer lab

Residents receive three meals a day from a professional chef, which can be customized based on their dietary needs. Smoking is permitted, but only at designated times and in designated areas.


In addition to their therapy schedules, residents at Fort Myers have TV and game time, group therapy with family on Sundays and access to 12-step meetings. We also offer alternative therapies, such as yoga and art therapy. Our facility’s close proximity to downtown Fort Myers allows access to local attractions for outings.

To view our sample schedules, go here.

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