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Men twice as likely to experience work-related mental health issues, reports survey

Posted on 08-24-2017 Posted in Health and Wellness, Mental Illness, Stress - 0 Comments

How often does one see a player with physical injuries resting on the sidelines in a football game? Quite often, right? And each time, the men can relate to the concept that an individual is not feeling physically well and is therefore not playing. On the other hand, if the same person is resting on the sidelines because he is not feeling mentally well, the men will either shy away from talking about it or go to extreme lengths to cover it up. This, in spite of the fact that a new survey has proved that men are twice as likely to have work-related mental health problems.

According to the research from Mind, a UK-based mental health charity, while one in five women reported job as the reason for their poor mental health, one in three men attributed their poor mental health to their job. The research, that involved 15,000 employees across 30 organizations, also showed that men were less prepared to seek help and take time off than women employees.

Men unable to take time off for mental health 

Further, while two in five women took time off for poor mental health, just one in three men took time off for their poor mental health at some point in their careers. Additionally, while women considered their job and problems outside of work as equal contributing factors to their mental health issues, one in seven men attributed their poor mental health to problems outside of work.

The survey also revealed that many men were unable to speak to their bosses about the impact of work on their health and were neither opening up, seeking help nor asking for time off, when they needed it the most. Known for finding ways to deal with their problems independently by watching TV, exercising, self-medicating or drinking alcohol, men hardly ever talked about their mental health problems. The survey also revealed that while the majority of the managers felt confident in supporting employees with mental health problems, they were only able to offer help on being asked.

American workplace is physically and mentally taxing

According to a survey from RAND Corporation, Harvard University and the University of California, Los Angeles, the American workplace is both physically and mentally taxing for workers and their families. While most Americans work under tight deadlines, one in four American workers reported having too little time to complete their jobs. While more than one-half of American workers reported unpleasant and potentially hazardous working conditions, nearly one in five reported being exposed to a hostile environment at work

Mental health problems affect many employees. Usually overlooked and repeatedly hidden, mental disorders at work go unnoticed. Often, in an attempt to live up to their “macho” image, men are reluctant about discussing their mental health. What they do not realize is that when left untreated, mental disorders can be damaging to an individual’s health, career and have a negative impact on productivity.

Mental disorders can be treated

While treatable, the stigma attached to mental disorders along with pre-defined masculine traits in society might make it hard for men to seek help for their mental problems. At Sovereign Health, our goal is to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to all our patients in a safe, private and welcoming environment.

At Sovereign Health of Florida, rehab for mental illness includes a holistic combination of medications along with intense psychotherapies. In addition to traditional clinical therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), individual, group and family therapies, treatment at our state-of-the-art facilities also incorporates a vast range of experiential therapies, such as yoga, meditation and expressive arts therapy.

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