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JAMHI and NCADD merge for better mental health and substance abuse treatment

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JAMHI and NCADD merge for better mental health and substance abuse treatment

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) and Juneau Alliance for Mental Health, Inc. (JAMHI) recently merged to expand and diversify mental health and addiction services, and bridge the gaps in treatment in order to serve the community better. The collaboration happened after Linda Landvik took over as the interim executive director of NCADD in May 2017. She initiated the conversation about how the two organizations could provide combined services to reach out to more people of Juneau. She was of the opinion that the timing was right and everything worked out toward the merger. “It was a good time for us to do that, to rethink how we wanted to continue as an organization,” she said.

After the collaboration in January, the new entity will be known by the name of JAMHI Health and Wellness, Inc. The organization’s CEO Dave Branding shared that JAMHI had already started working toward serving more people, but, the merger took those efforts to an altogether different level.

Since 30 years, JAMHI has been instrumental in providing emergency mental health services, therapy sessions, clinical assessments, and housing and group counseling through community alliances, whereas the focus of NCADD has been more toward offering addiction treatment services. Now with the merger, it has become a one place to manage and improve mental health- and substance abuse-related services  facilitating smooth referrals and treatments. According to Chief Integrated Services Officer Doug Harris, the treatment for chemical dependence was something that JAMHI could expand. He added, “We’ve integrated primary care, so we’ve got that taken care of, so with the merger underway we have since brought on staff specific for chemical dependency services.”

Mergers in the past

JAMHI has made partnerships in the past as well. It teamed up with the Housing First Collaborative to establish a clinic in the Housing First facility located in the Lemon Creek region in British Columbia. At first, the clinic was only serving the people living in Housing First which had a population of 32 people who were either homeless or were in dire need of a safe place for comfortable stay. However, beginning January, the services have been made open to the public. The clients are made to pay through the sliding pay scale, based on their insurance or affordability. The clinic also houses three examination rooms. In future, it is expected to have a medication coordinator who will dispense essential medicines to the people. Additionally, it will also open a dental care facility.

Another set of population which will benefit with the alliance of NCADD and JAMHI is those who recently completed their prison term. While NCADD would help with re-entry, programming and recovery support classes, JAMHI would provide assistance with housing, medication assistance and case management services. Landvik believes that providing all those services under one roof will make it easier for the inmates to start afresh after their release.

Road to recovery

For a person who suffers from both an addiction and a mental health problem, diagnosis and treatment can be extremely difficult due to overlapping symptoms and the patient’s non-conformity to accept his/her condition, and consult a therapist. It’s hard to ascertain which disorder developed first and if one caused the other. The simultaneous occurrence of a mental disorder and an addiction is known as dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. Undiagnosed or untreated co-occurring disorders can lead to self-harm behavior, emotional breakdown, physical health deterioration and even death. With an integrated approach, it is possible to reduce the risks and help a person recover.

A leading behavioral health care provider and addiction treatment specialist, Sovereign Health of Florida offers comprehensive and customized dual diagnosis rehab facilities to those in need. The patients at our state-of-the-art dual diagnosis treatment center can benefit from a wide range of treatment modalities tailor-made to suit their needs. For more information on our holistic dual diagnosis treatment programs, call our 24/7 helpline number today. You can even chat online with one of our representatives for further assistance.

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