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Reducing depression with guided imagery

Posted on 12-14-2017 Posted in Depression, PTSD, Treatment - 1 Comments

Reducing depression with guided imagery

With doctors relying on the imagery techniques to help post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) patients recover, it has now been found that the procedure could also be useful in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders. The method entails the patient to replace negative mental images with positive ones and deal more effectively with negative emotions.

It is interesting to note that patients with subthreshold depression could now manage their own treatments. It could even be beneficial for companies to employ similar strategies to boost the morale of the employees, encouraging them to handle big changes.

Understanding visualization

Visualization is a term that attracts mixed reactions. Many who are familiar with it, believe in it; while those who hear about it for the first time find it unbelievable. As the name suggests, visualization is all about painting a mental picture for oneself, which depicts a relaxed and happy environment. This imagery helps one to forget about his or her anxiety while mentally switching to such a place and be able to calm the mind and the body.

The significance of this study is that it encourages one to be the master of one’s own mood and happiness. There may be many who need something deeper and more pronounced in terms of therapy, but even a small step in the right direction, can be achieved with visualization.

Every individual has some preference of medium that helps evoke positive response

A study was conducted by Dr. Svetla Velikova of Smartbrain, a health tech company based in Norway, involving 30 participants. The process of the study required the participants to first familiarize themselves with the techniques that would help them achieve emotional balance. They were then required to spend 12 weeks testing what they had learnt and spend 15-20 minutes training themselves each day.

At the end of 12 weeks, the participants were required to return for another workshop of two days. Their brain activity and psychological health in both workshops was closely monitored by Velikova on their return. The results were encouraging. There was a marked decline in the symptoms of depression, and the number of participants who had been on the threshold of depression reduced considerably.

Every individual has some preference of medium that helps evoke a positive response within him or her. It could be listening to music or a walk in nature, the individual must feel relaxed and let the negativity release from their minds, making place for positive thoughts. This helps by mentally transferring the person to an environment that is peaceful and happy, thereby leaving him/her calm.

Treatment of depression is possible

The common belief until now was that consulting a professional therapist was the only way to fight depression and other ailments of a similar nature. But the results of Dr. Velikova’s study suggested that apart from professional help, practicing imagery training on our own goes a long way in eliminating those symptoms and steer our own treatments. The experts using guided imagery as a treatment tool have noted that it not only helps the patients in their mood management, but being a portable method of treatment, they could use it at a time or place of their convenience.

Depression is a serious mood disorder and it affects a large number of people the world over. If ignored, it may lead to various other serious complications or may even prove to be fatal. However, it is a curable disease. Sovereign Health is a pioneer in treating depression and other mood disorders. Our Fort Myers facility is one of the best depression treatment centers in Florida. Call our 24/7 helpline number or chat online with our representative to find out more about our depression rehab.

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