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Chrissy Metz on finding happiness after years of dieting, weight gain and depression

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Chrissy Metz on finding happiness after years of dieting, weight gain and depression

Known for her pivotal role in “This Is Us” (2016), “American Horror Story” (2011) and “Loveless in Los Angeles” (2007), Chrissy Metz is an American actress who found instant fame and became a role model for body positivity. Little do her fans know that despite being nominated for the Golden Globe as the best-supporting actress in a television series, Metz has fought her way through a decade-long battle with depression and self-doubt.

Metz credits her love for food to her Irish, Italian and German family background. As a child, she was encouraged to eat when she was sad or happy. While she first became self-conscious of her weight at a Weight Watchers meeting at the age of 11, her ‘soul-crushing’ journey with weight and depression started when she moved to Los Angeles.

Before moving to a different city, Metz lost 50 lbs. at the recommendation of her manager then. However, losing weight did not mean more auditions. During her time in LA, Metz got not more than two auditions a year. Caught in a spiral of self-doubt and depression, Metz went on an eating binge and gained more than 100 lbs. before experiencing a panic attack on her 30th birthday that got her admitted to a hospital.

Weight-loss journey

The incident pushed Metz into following the doctor’s recommendation where she stuck to a “2,000-calorie diet” and walked for 20 minutes every day. She eventually lost 100 lbs. in five months.

Once she regained confidence, she got a break in the recurring part of the “American Horror Story: Freak Show.” This landed her a career-defining role in “This is Us.” According to Metz, although her character in the series is overweight, people of all sizes often tell her that they can relate to the problems that her character Kate faces. Metz has successfully portrayed Kate’s battle to feel good about herself regardless of her weight. She feels that her character struggles are not just about her size but how she feels about herself.

While Metz is said to be taking steps to lose weight, she has made it clear that her weight-loss journey is not for anybody but herself and that she wants to have a fit and healthy body. Throughout these years, the star has kept much of her weight off, started training with a trainer and has even taken up meditation.

Link between depression and obesity

Depression is a serious mood disorder that affects the way one feels, behaves and thinks. It can strike anyone, irrespective of age, gender, culture or background. A debilitating illness, depression is often accompanied by feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness and helplessness that can become intense with little or no relief.

In addition to making someone emotionally distressed and physically overburdened and tired, depression and associated mood disorders are associated with significant physical diseases like obesity. According to a May 2017 study, there is a strong association between depression, high caloric intake and low physical activity. The research explored the interrelationship between depression, body fat, leisure time, and the role of physical activity and diet in a sample of 456 adult Mexican health workers.

According to the authors, depression may influence energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended that resulted in higher body fat among participants with a greater depression score. As per the study results, a higher depression baseline was associated with a high dietary intake and lower leisure-time physical activity and a higher caloric intake at the baseline was associated with a higher depression at follow-up.

The study researchers concluded that examining the role of mental illness like depression in an individual’s dietary and physical activity behaviors should be considered a key research goal for better public health interventions.

Help at hand

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