Michael Phelps urges USOC to help athletes struggling with depression
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It’s difficult to imagine that one of the most celebrated Olympians, swimmer Michael Phelps, might be struggling with depression despite winning 28 Olympic medals. Understanding the need of help required by people struggling with anxiety and depression, Phelps has urged the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) to help such players who battle depression in silence. Phelps […]

National Nutrition Month: Fighting depression with food
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Food and sound mental health share a strong relationship between each other. People who eat fresh and home-cooked food live longer and better than those who resort to pre-packaged meals only. Healthy food also reduces the risk of mental and physical illnesses. People whose diet consists largely of farm fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, proteins […]

NBA All-Star DeMar DeRozan on feeling anxious, depressed and lonely
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Wealthy, famous and surrounded by a host of well-wishers, professional footballer DeMar DeRozan recently admitted to feeling anxious, depressed and lonely since childhood, in a recent interview. During the NBA All-Star Weekend, DeRozan tweeted that “this depression get the best of me.” With the tweet, the star hopes that those who are sailing in the […]

Singer Michelle Williams gets candid on life after depression
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Mental health disorders do not discriminate. Many celebrities have suffered from mental problems like depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. And American singer Michelle Williams is just one of them. Williams, who had revealed in October 2017 that she struggled with depression while being a part of Destiny’s Child, is now trying hard to ensure that […]

Cellular damage in infants linked to mother’s depression, says study
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A new mother is naturally drawn toward the baby – holding him/her close, nursing it, singing softly to the bundle of joy and establishing an unspoken relationship. The baby also responds to the gestures by crying and cooing. This helps in fostering a healthy bonding between a mother and her child. But at times, the […]

Chrissy Metz on finding happiness after years of dieting, weight gain and depression
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Known for her pivotal role in “This Is Us” (2016), “American Horror Story” (2011) and “Loveless in Los Angeles” (2007), Chrissy Metz is an American actress who found instant fame and became a role model for body positivity. Little do her fans know that despite being nominated for the Golden Globe as the best-supporting actress […]

Ricky Hatton talks about his toughest fight – not in ring, but outside
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Celebrities could be having it all – money, fame, success, trophies, accolades. However, no matter whether it’s a sportsman, pop star or a famous Hollywood star, the status of celebrity often comes with various health risks, particularly that of mental illnesses and addiction. British boxing star Ricky Hatton might not be an isolated case, but […]

Reducing depression with guided imagery
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With doctors relying on the imagery techniques to help post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) patients recover, it has now been found that the procedure could also be useful in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders. The method entails the patient to replace negative mental images with positive ones and deal more effectively with negative emotions. […]

Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week: Don’t surrender to workplace bullying
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Workplace bullying is a hard reality that affects day-to-day functioning of businesses adversely. The intensity and impact of bullying at workplace are different from what one undergoes in school, though the intent of causing hurt or humiliation remains the same. Workplace bullying involves abusive conduct that may include behavioral attitudes like threatening or intimidating, in […]

Dealing with depression the Ryan Phillippe way; actor sees no reason not to talk about it
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Life for the 42-year-old American actor, writer and director, Matthew Ryan Phillippe, was not so easy always. Struggling with depression since his early 20s, Phillippe has now found healthy ways to cope with his mental illness. In an article for the Naked Issue of the Women’s Health magazine, Phillippe talked about his lack of patience […]

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