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Ricky Hatton talks about his toughest fight – not in ring, but outside
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Celebrities could be having it all – money, fame, success, trophies, accolades. However, no matter whether it’s a sportsman, pop star or a famous Hollywood star, the status of celebrity often comes with various health risks, particularly that of mental illnesses and addiction. British boxing star Ricky Hatton might not be an isolated case, but […]

Dealing with depression the Ryan Phillippe way; actor sees no reason not to talk about it
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Life for the 42-year-old American actor, writer and director, Matthew Ryan Phillippe, was not so easy always. Struggling with depression since his early 20s, Phillippe has now found healthy ways to cope with his mental illness. In an article for the Naked Issue of the Women’s Health magazine, Phillippe talked about his lack of patience […]

Pictures don’t lie! Instagram feeds may help diagnose depression
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Someone who is depressed has a particular way of doing things, and this may be reflected in the photographs they post to their social media accounts. Now, a team of researchers has found a way to use these posts to identify people with depression. According to a recent study published in the EPJ Data Science […]

Magnesium supplements the new magic formula to treat depression?
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While a lot has been said and written about treating depression, a complex mental illness; sometimes options to manage it are found in the least expected places. One such solution was recently discovered by researchers at the University of Vermont: Magnesium supplements. Although healthier food choices have been linked to improved mental health, not much […]

World Health Day: Machine learning to help diagnose depression
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The World Health Day (WHD), which is observed on April 7, aims at drawing people’s attention toward the importance of global health. An annual event, it provides an opportunity for every community in the world to take initiatives that can lead to better health. The WHD also marks the anniversary of the founding of the […]

Caregivers may face depression, anxiety, study finds
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At some point in their lives, most people are going to find themselves caring for a loved one. Whether due to disease, disability or just the effects of age, the average person is likely to join the ranks of what the Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) estimates to be around 44 million unpaid family caregivers. These […]

Meditation can help athletes dealing with mental issues
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Athletes are heroes, inspirations to try harder, and sources of local and national pride. It’s easy to forget they can have problems, too. Certainly, athletes are at the same risk of mental disorders as anyone else. A study published in the Journal of Science and Medicine In Sport in 2015 examined 224 elite female and […]

Researchers sound off on ketamine as a treatment for depression
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The anesthetic ketamine hasn’t been approved to treat depression, but that isn’t stopping doctors from prescribing it for that very purpose. “This is really an unusual situation in which a drug that was approved as an anesthetic is available to be prescribed by any physician,” explained Charles Nemeroff, M.D., Ph.D., a professor and chairman of […]

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