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Time for veterans to redefine their outlook toward mental health treatment

Posted on 03-02-2017 Posted in Coping, Mental Health, PTSD, Trauma - 0 Comments

Moving back ceaselessly into the past filled with unmentionable or unmanageable experiences may trigger emotional instability and outbursts with immense repercussions, if not managed on time. This can be said about the life in the army that promises endless adventure and spirit of magnanimous proportions at the time of joining, but results in veterans complaining of seizures and flashbacks due to wars and struggles that become a part of their daily routine.

The high number of veterans committing suicide each year point to the negligence on the part of the society as a whole in accepting people with illnesses, which are not quantifiable in terms of symptoms. As per the report on veteran suicides released by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in August 2016, roughly 65 percent of veterans who died by committing suicide in 2014 were aged 50 years and above.

Associated stigma aggravates PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is common among army veterans if they have served for a considerable period in the military, fighting wars and facing combats. What is surprising and completely unjustified is the level of stigma these people face that prevents them from discussing their problems in the open. While people world over do not find it much of a difficulty to accept people afflicted with the most serious and contagious kinds of physical disorders, many are still apprehensive of dealing with returning troops exhibiting trauma and anxiety as most common mental health problems.

Fearing the backlash on their careers, many military people during their service tenure tend to keep their struggle to themselves. However, this silent suffering takes a toll on their psychological health. And as a result, some slip into lifelong depression causing them to contemplate suicide, while there are others who seek necessary treatment for the disorder.

Ignoring veterans largely

The inclination to end one’s own life comes after a protracted period of struggle and fear against seeking expert advice for fear of social and personal consequences. Psychologists working in sync with mental health treatment programs have revealed in the past how their patients shrugged off therapies or did not trust the recommended medications. Patients have often complained of embarrassment and fear of being labeled as dangerous if they continued to be under treatment.

Veterans are now realizing that prolonging their fear of being typecast as psychologically distorted will only force them to procrastinate their decision of availing necessary intervention. Many veterans who have recovered with timely treatment are encouraging their colleagues and peers to come forward, share their experiences and join recovery management groups as a part of their mental health treatment.

Harnessing benefits of experiential therapies for mental problems

Mental illnesses must be given due importance just like physical diseases. At Sovereign Health, Florida, treatment facilities for the distressed and disturbed utilize the benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help patients in developing healthy responses to stimuli.

Sovereign Health of Florida specializes in psychosocial assessment apart from psychological testing and evaluation. Individual therapy, process group therapy and stress and anger management groups help quicken the recovery process of the veterans. They also benefit from experiential therapies like art and music therapy, meditation, exercise and yoga.

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