Schizophrenia patients on multiple medicines experience cognitive burden, says study
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Individuals with psychotic disorders are often treated with multiple medications. However, many such medicines have anticholinergic properties and their effects on a patient’s cognition often go unnoticed in a clinical practice. Now, a new study suggests that schizophrenia patients being treated with multiple medicines experience adverse effects on their cognition and quality of life. The […]

Changes in social life may herald dementia
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Many factors affect social interaction in the later years, such as retirement, physical illness, and cessation of driving. Children are usually grown and busy with their own lives. But cognitive decline also affects relationships and activities. In fact, changes in the social lives of seniors might be a sign of early cognitive decline. New study […]

Prolonged marijuana use may affect brain’s pleasure center
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Consider this image: Two people are racing through the front yard of a mansion, from the mailbox to the front door. A red ribbon marking the finish line is affixed to the threshold of the door. Arms are pumping, heels kicking back furiously and the two are smiling. But attached to one man is a […]

Common medications cause brain shrinkage
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Certain commonly used medications that have anticholinergic (AC) properties have been known to cause cognitive problems for decades. In fact, both cognitive and physical function can be affected by AC drugs. Delirium and risk of dementia have also been reported in older adults taking ACs. Fortunately, a recent analysis showed that AC drugs did not […]

Why do good girls like bad boys?
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Many people who have escaped from a bad relationship have looked back on it and realized there were red flags along the way that they should have heeded. Perhaps the warning signs were present from the beginning or maybe they appeared as the relationship progressed. Although the “bad” person in a relationship may be of […]

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