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7 self-care practices for behavioral problems amid Christmas fever

Posted on 12-22-2017 Posted in Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Rehabilitation - 0 Comments

With Christmas knocking at the door, it is time to soak in the festival fervor and make the most of the holiday season concluding with the arrival of New Year. Amid the festivities of a fun-filled week, people with mental health problems tend to skip self-care in the list of priorities. Chances are high that they would give in to the troubling temptations, including booze and drugs.

Individuals dealing with mental health conditions cannot afford to ignore self-care if they want to enjoy the festive period to the fullest. They need to stay kind to themselves when the world is “high” on the Christmas proceedings. Here are some effective self-care measures that people with mental illnesses should take to make Christmas merrier for themselves and their loved ones:

  1. Avoid ‘perfection’ stress: Festivities bring in rejuvenation and stress in the equal proportion. People often get nervous to execute formalities — from delivering well-wrapped presents to organizing a homemade festive feast for their social contacts. However, those vulnerable to mental health issues should focus on enjoying the moment rather than running after the perfection. They should keep telling themselves it is fine if some plans do not fall in place. Targeting “good enough” is more practical than “just perfect” for their mental well-being.
  1. Stick to sleep routines: Sleep routines often go for a toss with the “so much to do” sword hanging amid the ongoing Christmas festivities. Inadequate sleep, in combination with a stressed-out routine, may aggravate mental health problems in some people. While an occasional night-out is manageable for people prone to such problems, frequent sleep disruptions may take a toll on their well-being. Though regular bedtimes and rising times may sound a boring idea, it can save people from a lot of trouble during Christmas.
  1. Remember moderation: “Moderation” may be an exception during the festive season, but it is a self-care rule for those battling mental illnesses. Individuals with such problems should not go too crazy, especially with food and booze. Alcohol is a strong depressant, and overusing it every night throughout the holidays is likely to trouble people with psychological disorders. In addition, gorging on party food may make them feel sluggish, bloated and disturbed. Drinking in moderation can help mental health patients come out of the Christmas mode happy and healthy.
  1. Get outdoors: Drinking followed by sleeping is not a good idea for holidaying. Walking in fresh air is good for both physical and mental health. A winter walk after a good night sleep evokes a sense of happiness and helps maintain optimum mental health.
  1. Practicing mindfulness: Amid the Christmas hustle and bustle, it can be difficult to spare some time for self-realization. But it is good to spend some solitary time; probably reading a book, going for a stroll down the lane or listening to soulful music. Remember, mental peace and mindfulness is an effective getaway from psychiatric problems.
  1. Remember taking medications: With so much going around in the festive season, people tend to forget taking their medicines. They may also feel tempted to skip a dose or two to avoid consuming alcohol with pills. But it is not a good idea. Enjoying is important, but medicine adherence is unavoidable.

Seeking timely medical assistance is important

Keeping a close watch on symptoms is very important during the festival season. Seek immediate medical assistance if symptoms worsen. Sovereign Health of Florida, one of the leading mental illness rehabilitation facilities, offers effective treatment at its both Fort Myers and Pompano Beach centers. Call our 24/7 helpline or chat online for more information on our treatment facilities in Florida and available mental health residential programs.

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