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Carson Daly on struggling with generalized anxiety disorder and benefits of therapy

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Carson Daly on struggling with generalized anxiety disorder and benefits of therapy

Coping with a mental illness is a tough task in itself and fighting the associated stigma makes things all the more difficult. Lately, many celebrities have stepped forward and opened up about their mental health struggles. Recently in an interview, TODAY anchor Carson Daly shared his experiences of struggling with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and mild panic disorder. According to the American TV host and radio personality, the panic attacks were so bad at times that he “felt like he was dying.”

Daly experienced his first panic attack when he was at MTV, and recurrent panic attacks landed him in a hospital once. Recalling his frightening experience, the TV presenter revealed that he was terrified for no apparent reason, had a hard time breathing and could not reason with himself. As per Daly, while most people may relate his condition to his “high pressure” lifestyle, his battle with the disorder has nothing to do with his career choice. He has been in a state of heightened anxiety since childhood and could panic even while spending time with his wife and children at a playground. He admitted that he was a “worrywart kid,” and remained nervous all his life.

Getting diagnosed and being treated

As per Daly, learning about the disorder helped him accept the way he is and what he can’t change about himself. Getting diagnosed with anxiety taught him how to cope when his body experienced fight- or-flight response, a typical reaction against perceived threat.

Talking about his treatment, Daly revealed that his therapist has been instrumental in helping him manage his condition. According to him, opting for a cognitive therapist has benefitted him in a number of ways—he knows about the disorder and how it works, and offers essential tools to work through the illness. One of the therapies, muscle retention relaxation, has been of great help to the star. Daly hopes to inspire others with similar symptoms to seek help and treatment at the right time.

Anxiety disorders are more than temporary worry or fear

Anxiety disorders involve extreme and unreasonable fear or worry, and can be disabling. An anxiety disorder doesn’t go away on its own and gets worse over time. The most common types of anxiety disorders include panic disorders, GAD, social anxiety disorder and specific phobias.

GAD is an anxiety disorder characterized by persistent, excessive and uncontrollable worry that could last for months. Those with GAD often anticipate disaster and are overly concerned about issues related to work, health, family and finances. The illness affects approximately 6.8 million American adults every year.

Panic disorder is characterized by recurring and unexpected attacks of fear that might last for several minutes or longer. Panic attacks are characterized by bouts of extreme anxiety in response to prompting stimuli or other stressful situations and are marked by a fear of losing control or a fear of disaster even when there is no imminent danger. As per statistics, in a given year, the illness affects about 2-3 percent American adults. A comprehensive treatment for anxiety disorders involves medication, psychotherapy or a combination of both.

Evidence-based treatment for complete care

A leading behavioral health care provider in Florida, Sovereign Health offers a variety of behavioral health treatments for both male and female patients with mental illnesses, including anxiety. Our residential treatment for anxiety disorders offers patients individualized, evidence-based therapies and interventions, including individual psychotherapy, group therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and experiential therapies. For more information on our finest anxiety disorder treatment programs at our state-of-the-art facilities, call our 24/7 helpline number and speak to our admission specialist. For instant help, you can chat online with a representative.

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