Augmented reality games like Pokémon Go can be effective in treating mental disorders
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The launch of augmented reality game Pokémon Go in 2016 created a brouhaha among gaming enthusiasts. However, since its launch, the game has been receiving mixed response from various quarters because of the risk of accidents and injuries associated with it. However, in a striking revelation, medical experts and mental health specialists have recently come […]

Self-medication with Xanax – a worrying trend among teens
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Bree does not look like the kind of girl who would do drugs. Sad and befuddled most of the time, she has grown up in a challenging environment. She was just nine when her dad lost his job, with machines replacing humans. He was a foreman, and was extremely proud. The loss of employment hit […]

Kava – Natural alternative to anxiety medications
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Considering the widespread potential for abuse of anxiety drug Xanax, many patients of anxiety are now opting for natural alternatives over the popular prescribed anxiety medications.  Kava, also known as kava-kava root, is one of the many natural antianxiety medications increasingly sought for providing relief from anxiety, panic attacks and elevated stress. Processed from the […]

Florida scientists decode chemistry of fear: Predator-secreted lipids prompt defense mechanism
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Fear exists, so does anxiety. Though medicines are prescribed commonly to deal with these problems when they start interfering with daily activities, they often fail to provide the desired results. In the quest for new clues on the mechanism that drives fear and anxiety and to develop effective new drugs for treating conditions, such as […]

Carson Daly on struggling with generalized anxiety disorder and benefits of therapy
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Coping with a mental illness is a tough task in itself and fighting the associated stigma makes things all the more difficult. Lately, many celebrities have stepped forward and opened up about their mental health struggles. Recently in an interview, TODAY anchor Carson Daly shared his experiences of struggling with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and […]

Conquering anxiety: Tips to prevent and manage an anxiety attack
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  We all struggle with some amount of anxiety every now and then that tends to subsides in a while. However, if our actions start getting influenced by an unreasonable fear or excessive worry, it is a red flag that something is not right and it could probably be an anxiety disorder. Many people continue […]

Kendall Jenner deletes lifestyle app after revealing her anxiety issues
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Supermodel and Instagram star Kendall Jenner has deleted her lifestyle appafter revealing her battle with anxiety.Launched in September 2015, the app gave the 22-year-old star’s fans a fair idea of her personal life, including what she wore, the makeup she used, and how she spent time with her friends. The same day, the app was […]

On finding peace again: UW receiver recounts journey from anxiety to happiness
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Teen years are supposed to be the best years in an individual’s life. The days are packed with attending college, dates, friendly get-togethers, prom nights, new experiences and other fun stuff before the teen steps into adulthood. However, for the Millennial Generation, it seems to be different. Burdened with expectations and materialistic wants, many burn […]

Worrying about debt affecting mental health of Americans
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It is quite natural to worry about things like rising cost of living, education of children, liabilities, old age and inflation. Those who have liabilities like loans for car or house are burdened with yet another fear, that of the creditor breathing down their necks. A recent survey by the American Institute of Certified Public […]

Children of anxious mothers may spend more time concentrating on threats, finds study
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“A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety.” The famous quote by Aesop explains how it feels to live with anxiety. To take this further, a recent study has revealed that babies born to anxious mothers may spend more time concentrating on threats they perceive. A group of researchers in […]

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