Mommy boozing and partying is not a joke
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Being a mother is never easy – the endless duties and devotion toward the family that force self-care to take a back seat. But are mothers turning to alcohol to cope with life stressors and get some respite? Are they the new risk category that researchers and therapists need to turn their heads to? To […]

Alcohol Awareness Month: Actor Verne Troyer gets treatment for alcoholism
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Famous for his role as Mini-Me in two Austin Powers’ movies alongside Mike Myers, actor Verne Troyer has revealed that he is getting treated for alcoholism. Troyer, who has appeared in a number of TV shows including Celebrity Big Brother in the United Kingdom in 2009, has battled alcohol addiction in the past. Talking to […]

Health benefits of drinking: It pays to have a critical eye
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What do any of us know about drinking? Someone in recovery likely knows more than they’d care to, but for most people, drinking is something done occasionally. A glass of wine with a good meal, a cocktail after work, beers with friends: This is the fun, moderate drinking most people engage in. What’s more, drinking […]

Remembrance of blackouts past: Excesses coming home to roost
Posted in Addiction, alcoholism, Substance Abuse - 0 Comments ran a story on the amount of time each cigarette, drink and drug shaves off a person’s life expectancy. One cigarette reduces life expectancy by 13 minutes. A line of cocaine knocks off five hours. A shot of booze eliminates six hours of longevity. Meth, methadone and heroin: 11, 12 and 22 hours, respectively. […]

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