Q. What is Sovereign Health of Florida?
A. Sovereign Health of Florida is a leading provider of treatment services for those seeking help with mental health issues, substance abuse, and dual diagnosis.

Q. Where are you located?
A. We have two locations in Florida:
Sovereign Health of Fort Meyers is located along the beautiful Caloosahatchee River minutes from the downtown area which features restaurants, theaters, and weekend activities.
Sovereign Health of Pompano Beach is located near Fort Lauderdale and the many diversions it offers. Our facility is just a short ride away from some of Florida’s most beautiful beaches.

Q. What kind of patients does Sovereign Health take?
A. We treat both men and women 18 years and older struggling with mental illnesses, substance addition and co-occurring conditions.

Q. What kind of services does Sovereign Heath offer?
A. Sovereign Health provides a variety of structured, evidence-based therapies to treat addiction and mental health disorders. They include:

  • Detoxification:  Detoxification is the body’s process of eliminating harmful and toxic substances that may have built up over the course of addiction. We offer medically assisted detox to treat the uncomfortable and potentially dangerous physical effects that accompany the withdrawal process. (Detox is only available at our Fort Meyers location.)
  • Drug addiction: We recognize that addiction is chronic disease requiring a holistic treatment approach to treat both the body and the mind.
  • Dual diagnosis: Patients may be challenged by two or more co-occurring conditions. Some may be dealing with both addiction and mental health challenges at the same time. Others may have multiple addictions while others may need treatment for multiple mental health issues.
  • Mental health: Sovereign Health of Fort Meyers offers a separate mental health track for patients who only need treatment for a mental health disorder.
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Q. What levels of care do Sovereign Health’s patients receive?
A. We provide different levels of care levels to our patients as they progress through treatment. They include:

  • Residential treatment (RT): Residential treatment allows patients to recover in a comfortable, supervised environment. During RT patients have access to a complete range of treatment and therapy options. Patients also have an opportunity to form healthy bonds with each other as they face the challenges presented by recovery.
  • Partial hospitalization (PHP): Although less intensive than our residential treatment program, PHP provides comprehensive treatment to our patients. Programs are available at least five days per week but may also offer half-day, weekend, or evening hours.
  • Intensive outpatient (IOP): IOP patients have often gone through more intensive levels of treatment. IOP allows patients to live outside a treatment facility, affording them the opportunity to live with family, work, or attend school. IOP treatment programs are designed to accommodate the patient’s schedule with opportunities to use resources on nights and weekends. Patients continue to have access to the services provided at our other levels of care.

Q. How long does rehabilitation typically take?
A. That depends on the patient, their history and the challenges they’re facing. Most treatment stays last from 30 to 90 days, but in some cases longer periods are recommended.

Q. What is the admissions process like?
A. Before admission, we interview patients so that we can learn about their backgrounds, symptoms and problems. This allows us to design a treatment regimen that best suits each patient’s needs. After the interview, the patient receives a start date for their treatment.
Patients receive comprehensive medical and psychological assessments. The information gathered will help us further develop the most effective treatment plan.  Finally, patients are briefed by intake coordinators, who inform the patient about our rules, policies and procedures.

Q. Do you take insurance?
A. Sovereign Health of Florida accepts most private insurance plans. Our expert admissions staff will help you determine how much coverage your particular health care plan provides.
We are available to answer any other questions you may have about our services. Please don’t hesitate to call our 24/7 helpline.

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