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At Sovereign Health, our admission process is smooth and easy for patients and their families so they can get treatment as soon as possible. Here is a basic breakdown of our, so you know what to expect at our facilities.

1. Preadmission assessment

The preadmission assessment provides our clinicians a patient profile that includes background information on physical and mental health issues. Sovereign staff conducts this assessment for each prospective patient over the phone or in person by an admissions representative. This is also gives patients the opportunity to ask questions about Sovereign Health, such as what to bring for treatment.

The preadmission assessment is part of Sovereign Health’s unique approach to treating our patients. We tailor our treatment plans to meet a patient’s needs, instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach other behavioral health facilities may use. The preadmission assessment is the first step, and it provides a blueprint for our clinicians in creating that personalized plan.

2. Admission

After our pre-assessment, patients set an admit date for treatment. This is often the busiest component of the treatment process. At this time, we complete paperwork, compile insurance information and review the rules, protocols and daily goings-on of treatment.

We encourage family to attend this meeting. Most patients experience anxiety (particularly if it is their first time in treatment), and having family nearby can help with their fears. It also provides family with the opportunity to see what goes on at Sovereign Health and ask any questions they may have.

3. Introduction

After admission, we complete the patient’s treatment plans, answer all remaining questions and say goodbye (for now) to family. The patient will meet Sovereign Health staff and other patients in the recovery program. Depending on what hour the patient arrives, he or she may take lunch or participate in remaining groups.

4. Treatment

Sovereign Health clinicians provide treatment based on the personalized plan established in the preadmission assessment. We use a wide range of evidence-based and alternative therapies for holistic treatment. As patients go through the program, their treatment may change if their needs change.

5. Family involvement and visitation

Family involvement is a critical part of treatment process for our patients. They participate in family therapy with the patient to help address all aspects of the patient’s life. Every family member has the right to be heard and to have his or her feelings addressed. Family involvement is not about assigning blame; it is about healing through communication.

Family visitation and involvement begins after patients become acclimated to treatment. It usually starts after a week in the program.

Visiting days are on Saturday and Sunday, and Sovereign Health staff must preapprove every visitor. Patients submit pass request forms to their primary therapist, which must be submitted no later than Wednesday prior to the weekend. Patients and visitors meet in designated areas. HIPAA rules prohibit visitors from visiting residences or other areas designated off-limits.

6. Discharge

Our treatment programs typically last between 30 and 90 days. At the end, a patient has received the skills and knowledge to begin their recovery. Sovereign Health offers continuing care to help our patients through the first year of the recovery process. Patients are encouraged to seek supportive treatment from their family and our support groups.

Family Welcome Packet

Sovereign Health provides families with the Family Welcome Packet as a helpful and handy resource. The packet contains information on the following:

  • Treatment timeline overview
  • Family involvement
  • Consent and release of information
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Dual diagnosis and mental health phase system
  • Group conduct rules
  • Residence rules
  • Visitors
  • Resources
  • Contact information
  • Treatment locations

We encourage you to visit each page to explore, in detail, our program and how important family participation is to your loved one’s treatment. You can view and download the packet here.

If you have any questions about the admissions process, please contact our admissions staff through our 24/7 helpline.

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