Admissions Process

The admissions process is an hour-long process that involves documenting the patient’s consent, prescreening and assessing the patient’s symptoms. Prescreening is first completed by one of our trained admissions representatives via phone or in-person through our pre-admissions assessment, which asks patients to provide adequate information about the background, symptoms and behavior of the problem. The prescreening, or preadmissions process, is completed to determine that the patient is a good fit for our program as well as to place each patient in the proper treatment program.

Our clinical staff then reviews the answers provided by the patient and sets an admit date for the patient to come into treatment after it has been determined that he or she can benefit from our programs. When the patient arrives at one of Sovereign’s Florida facilities, he or she is welcomed by one of our supportive intake members who review the treatment process, basic rules, policies and procedures with the patient.

The patient is thoroughly assessed as part of the intake process to provide the treatment team with enough information to determine the patient’s primary issues and how treatment can best be provided. Patients will receive a comprehensive medical, psychiatric and psychological evaluation by their treatment team to determine the presence of any underlying or co-occurring medical or psychiatric conditions. The information from these assessments allows the treatment specialists to place each patient in the most appropriate treatment program (i.e., substance abuse or co-occurring disorders) to best meet his or her needs.

During this time, patients are asked to sign consent forms for release of information to authorized family members and other parties involved in their treatment. After the patient provides written consent for the treatment staff to talk with family members, the intake team will call family members listed on the consent form to advise them that their loved one has arrived safely.

Court Services

Sovereign Health’s court services team serves as an advocate in court for patients who have been convicted of a crime. We do not provide legal advice; however, we do intercede on the patient’s behalf regarding substance abuse treatment. If a crime is related to substance abuse and/or mental health, Sovereign Health’s court services will lobby for the patient to receive behavioral treatment rather than incarceration. Most courts are amenable to defendants going into treatment instead of jail or prison. Alternative sentencing is always at the judge’s discretion. When a patient enters treatment as alternative sentencing, Sovereign Health’s court services will keep the court informed of the patient’s progress in treatment with regular status reports and documentation.

Referral process

When Sovereign Health of Florida receives a professional referral from a licensed mental health professional, counselor or physician, our customer service team outlines the entire treatment process for the mental health professional and patient. We do most of the paperwork and work with insurance companies to coordinate benefits, length of stay, etc. Our admissions team can be reached through our 24/7 helpline. Clinicians are also welcome to email questions to One of our team members will follow up the same day.

If you would like more information about the admissions process or about the treatment programs offered for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, please call our 24/7 helpline to speak with a member of our admissions team.

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