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Understanding consequences of anabolic steroid abuse among youngsters

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Understanding consequences of anabolic steroid abuse among youngsters

The tendency of youngsters to buff up their muscles in response to the demand of the times for a sculpted body has led many adolescent boys to tread the desperate path of steroid use. Instead of working out or finding solace in a happy healthy body, youngsters, desiring a body akin to their favorite celebrity, often abuse anabolic steroids to get that perfect body with minimal effort.

Anabolic steroids which mimic naturally occurring hormones are meant primarily for adolescents who fail to attain a normal weight during puberty or people who need to recover after a severe illness. When used by healthy people, it may cause moderate to severe adverse effects. It harms not only the body but also impairs the mental faculties of the person abusing it. Youngsters abusing steroids are slower than others, are easily riled and face mood swings on the days the drug is not available. Many can even sink into depression and suffer from other similar mental ailments.

Some of the physical problems experienced by an individual abusing steroids are underlined below:

Hypertension: Considered as an adult disease, hypertension or blood pressure, could impact a young person abusing steroids as well. Over a period of time, the abuse thickens the heart muscles and makes the individual susceptible to cardiovascular issues, heart failure and stroke.

In addition, steroids are known to upset the delicate balance of good and bad cholesterol impacting the blood pressure. As the levels of bad cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein (LDL) increase, the amount of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol, which aids the body in its fight against heart diseases, goes down.

Aggressive behavior: Excess amounts of testosterone, the hormone that the steroids produce, is responsible for the aggressive and violent tendencies exhibited by the users. Boys using the drug are more likely to pick up fights or feel aggrieved. This is in contrast to the average human being conditioned to keep peace and avoid picking up fights at the slightest pretext.

Liver damage: Most drugs have an adverse impact on the liver. Whether it is cocaine, heroin or prescription drugs, their effect on the liver is phenomenal. In the case of steroids, tumors and blood filled cysts are quite common with prolonged abuse. As a result, users could experience episodes of sudden bleeding, necessitating immediate medical attention and hospitalization.

Social impact: The social impact of drug abuse is also quite high as students who fall prey to the drug habit are more likely to drop out of school as they are unable to cope with the increased pressure of academics. Furthermore, it is also seen that youngsters in the habit of abusing steroids are less likely to have a friend circle apart from the ones mired in the same habit.

Over time, individuals abusing steroids could gradually progress from steroid to other drugs, including cocaine and synthetic opioids. Therefore, it is a habit that is best nipped in the bud.

Battling steroid addiction

With the rise in steroid use among teens, college going athletes and gym enthusiasts, anabolic steroids have slowly metamorphosed into a medication associated with abuse – one that cannot be taken lightly.

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