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Release of ‘The Most Dangerous Man in America’ chronicles the problem of LSD in US

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Release of ‘The Most Dangerous Man in America’ chronicles the problem of LSD in US

Award-winning authors Bill Minutaglio and Steven L. Davis have come up with a new book titled “The Most Dangerous Man in America.” By navigating through the American streets in 1970 that witnessed terrorist bombings, the book gives an amusing and exhaustive account of the tumult between LSD advocate Timothy Leary, President Nixon and the American law.

Regarded as the spiritual godfather of young hippies, the book follows Leary’s escape from a Californian prison (charged for being in possession of marijuana). It brings to the readers’ attention the dramatic escape and search for a man blamed for playing with the moral values of the nation through the concept of free drug and love.

This well-researched narrative captures the journey of Leary after his escape from the prison. After adopting a number of fake identities, he fled to Algiers run by a socialist revolutionary government against the United States. In Algiers, he was protected by the Black Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver. From there, he absconded to Switzerland and was finally arrested in Afghanistan. The book highlights the role of drug kingpin Leary in making drugs popular in the U.S. and the way other groups supported him.

Labelled as the “High Priest of LSD,” Leary was once a psychologist at Harvard that he left to advocate about psychedelics. In his fight against drug abuse, Nixon considered Leary “the most dangerous man in America.” In the light of the ongoing debate about the medical benefits of psychedelics on mental health, the book becomes more important.

Consequences of LSD

Despite becoming illegal in several nations in the late 1960s, the potential benefits of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and other psychedelics on mental health has emerged as a topic of debate in recent times. However, one should not forget the proven repercussions of LSD on the users. LSD, one of the most potent psychedelics and psychoactive substances, is an illegal, semi-synthetic hallucinogen produced by a fungus ergot and a chemical called diethylamide.

This highly potent mood-changing chemical activates the serotonin receptors responsible for stimulating serotonin production in the deep structures of the brain and the cortex. Since serotonin receptors help visualize the real world, changes in thoughts, perception, attention and emotions occur along with hallucinations due to increased production of stimuli that are not filtered by the brain. LSD can induce brightened or blurred vision effects, shaking, disorientation, terrifying thoughts and rapid mood swings.

Known by multiple names like windowpane, acid, etc., one may experience a serious disengagement from reality that can last for up to 12 hours. When taken in large quantities, users experience visual hallucinations, impaired depth and time perception, artificial sense of euphoria and certainty, fear of death, fear of losing control, panic attacks, etc.

The users may also experience sleeplessness, tremors, dry mouth and loss of appetite. Bad trips are often associated with severe paranoia, anxiety and panic attacks. Besides building up the tolerance level for the drug, LSD abuse can cause mental health problems that are often harder to treat than the physical effects. It can induce a long-term psychotic state or predispose a person to schizophrenia and depression.

Stop taking drugs to uplift consciousness

Despite Leary’s movement for using psychedelics for the expansion of consciousness, one cannot underestimate the life-threatening consequences of LSD. Rather than falling prey to such movements and scientific credentials of drugs, it is essential to seek guidance before experimenting with them. Sovereign Health of Florida offers treatment for LSD addiction at both its Pompano Beach and Fort Myers facilities.

Following an initial diagnosis, patients are provided a customized LSD addiction treatment plan to help them recover completely and avoid any relapse. A comprehensive treatment for LSD addiction consists of medically supervised detoxification along with behavioral therapies.

For more information on our drug treatment programs and our finest LSD treatment centers, call at our 24/7 helpline number 866-269-2493 or chat online with our representatives.

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