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Fugitive Cocaine Cowboy Mario Gonzalez arrested in Redland, FL

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Fugitive Cocaine Cowboy Mario Gonzalez arrested in Redland, FL

The U.S. marshals re-arrested Mario Gonzalez, a key member of notorious drug trafficking ring Cocaine Cowboys, in Florida. Gonzalez, who had earlier spent more than two decades behind bars for plotting murder of feds among various other offenses, was nabbed in a raid in Redland, Florida.

According to reports, the man in his 50s was arrested in a massive operation that involved K-9 (canine) units, armored vehicles, helicopters and more than 40 police officers. During the operation at a 5-acre property near SW 199th Avenue and 228th Street, he tried to flee in an all-terrain vehicle but crashed into a fence. At the time of his arrest, a semi-automatic weapon and $36,000 cash were found in his possession.

It is suspected that he had dealings with the dreaded Medellin and Cali cartels that ran Colombia’s drug mafia in the 70s and the 80s. He is accused of smuggling cocaine into Miami and has been on the run since 2014 after serving nearly two decades in prison for drug-related offenses.

Talking about the achievement, Assistant Chief of U.S. Marshals Manny Puri called Gonzalez one of the original “Cocaine Cowboys” and a “very dangerous guy.”

Genesis of cocaine on world map and drug side effects

Cali and Medellin – the most notorious drug cartels in Colombia at one point of time – were operational in the 1970s and 80s when the massive demand for cocaine in America and Europe led to the rise of ingenuous kingpins such as the notorious Pablo Escobar. For years until Escobar was at the helm, the cartel controlled not only the coca cultivation in Colombia but also the dealers distributing drugs to their clients on American streets. The Cali cartel was primarily involved in marijuana trafficking but due to low profits, shifted their focus to cocaine. At the height of their success, both the cartels dominated world’s cocaine market and raked in billions of dollars.

Cocaine is one of the deadliest drugs that can be snorted, inhaled, injected or smoked. The white powder is known by various other names, like Coke, Cola, Candy, Pearl and Snow. Once cocaine hits the system, it is common for a person to experience a high and a sudden rush of energy. Sadly, the crash follows soon after and leads to devastating consequences. Intense craving, depression, increased heart rate and muscle spasms soon override the euphoric effects. With time, the person loses his/her desire to eat or sleep, and becomes aggressive and dangerous.

Irrespective of the duration of abuse, if proper measures to counter the dependence and addiction are not taken, the results can be fatal. Cocaine abusers have heightened risk of experiencing a heart attack, seizure, stroke or respiratory depression. With repeated use, they can also become paranoid and experience hallucinations.

Cocaine leads lives to a downward spiral – drug seekers resort to aggression and violence to procure it, women become victims of sexual violence and many innocent lives are lost due to drugged driving. Besides, the physiological and psychological damage it causes is tremendous, such as:

  • Damage to the vital organs – liver, kidneys and lungs – and severe tooth decay.
  • In case the user resorts to intravenous use, there could be pricks and abscesses.
  • Damage to nose tissues when sniffed and sense of smell can be lost.
  • Severe malnutrition and weight loss. As an individual stops eating, the body is deficit in vital nutrients, which can be replenished only through a sustained detox.
  • Permanent damage to blood vessels in brain and heart.
  • Mental disorders like anxiety and depression.

Recovery from cocaine addiction is possible

Sovereign Health of Florida offers excellent facilities for cocaine addiction treatment. Using scientific and evidence-based treatment methodologies, our competent and empathetic staff offer evidence-based cocaine addiction treatment program in Florida that helps patients regain control of their lives. If you or your loved one needs help, call our 24/7 helpline or chat online with an expert for more information on our finest cocaine rehab centers near you.

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