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High Five for one of Fox’s “The Five”

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The key to treatment for an addiction starts with seeking help. At the end of April it was announced that Fox News co-host of “The Five,” Bob Beckel was going to rehab for addiction to pain medication. In order to keep things quiet, viewers were told that Beckel was going away due to back injury and has been gone for the last several months. Only recently, was it revealed by Fox News that he had entered rehab for his addiction.

Support has been shared among fans and viewers for Beckel as he continues treatment. Fox News gave a statement at the time this was revealed, “Bob Beckel has entered a rehab facility for treatment of an addiction to prescription pain medication. His relapse developed over the last several months as he tried to cope with extensive back pain before and after he underwent major back surgery. We hope our viewers and the public will respect Bob’s privacy during this difficult time.”

Beckel is not the only one of “The Five” cast to go through addiction rehab. Gregg Jarrett, anchor on Fox News, also went through rehab for an addiction to alcohol in 2014. It has been noted that while he was gone, his job position was held for him by Roger Ailes, the Fox chairman and CEO. Bekel has also been given this chance to come back to his position.

There is nothing wrong with being forward about and admitting to an addiction. There is a stigma that drug addicts live on the streets, different than anyone else and are ostracized because of it. The truth is that addiction to any substance, illicit or prescribed, can happen to anyone. Beckel is an example of what needs to be done. Things may have been kept quiet in the beginning, but the truth did come out and Beckel can get the help he needs. Part of the reason for the discretion obviously involves his social status. Even so, Beckel needs support and is hopefully receiving it.

Pain medication addiction

For anyone who has gone through any form of extensive surgery requiring pain medications, it is not easy. In many cases, it is difficult to not become addicted to pain medication. People will take the medication as a response to the pain and slowly build a dependence on it for relief. This dependence can cause many to become physically incapable of functioning without the drug.

It has been found by the National Institute on Drug Abuse that, “Among those who reported past-year nonmedical use of a prescription drug, nearly 14 percent met criteria for abuse of or dependence on it.” Beckel is in the situation others have gone through and has taken a big step in the right direction towards recovery. Many who go through major surgery and are given pain medication, may abuse it under the belief that the more they take, the better they will get. In reality, they are becoming addicted to the relief and build the dependence.

Treating an addiction to prescribed medications such as painkillers or opiates can vary depending on the substance and the person who is addicted. One option is behavioral therapy, in which the patient will learn how to cope and deal with addiction cravings. Non-addiction medication can also be involved in the treatment if needed. In some cases, detoxification may be the first step to recovery. Being involved on an addiction recovery group helps many to continue staying away from the substance after treatment. Beckel has taken the first step that many others have taken and will return to his position on “the Five” when he is ready.

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Written by Nick Adams, Sovereign Health Group writer

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