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Florida counselor training now online

Posted on 06-22-2015 Posted in Addiction Treatment, Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse - 0 Comments


“It is estimated that at least 5,000 new addiction counselors are needed every year to meet the growing demand for professional addiction treatment.” This is according to The Florida Board of Certification, which has taken a productive step and approved the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, or NCADD of Middlesex County. NCADD is an online provider of addiction care training. Individuals who wish to train and become an addiction counselor, but do not have the time to leave work or move to different states for further education now have it at their fingertips. Being an addiction counselor takes intention, patience and thick skin; and starting with a strong foundation of education and support is paramount.

The how and why behind NCADD

The Florida Board of Certification approves all forms of certification programs which cover mental health, addiction, child welfare and behavioral health. The board monitors and establishes any programs they find are adequate in medical training. The NCADD was approved May 2015 and will allow candidates to complete the training online.

While there are similar methods to treating addiction, each person needs a treatment plan that is tailored to their circumstance; the online training opens the threshold for many walks of life to be certified and thus meet a greater need. Ethnically diverse populations and minorities are not always able to receive the same care as other portions of the population. Counselors have typically been individuals who don’t necessarily mirror the demographics for which they serve. The disparity is widely perceived by minority mental and behavioral health patients and substance abuse recoverers, and thus people may trudge on without receiving needed treatment. Society needs more counselors who can relate to the patients in more ways than common knowledge of addiction. Counselors can be equipped with tools of empathy and understanding to breach the barriers of ethnicity and social class, all without leaving their own computers.

What the website offers

Not only does the website offer individual online classes for training, but also has training packages which can save the prospective student money. NCADD provides education and information to county residents, business, schools and more. The NCADD program reaches out to visitors and prospective students alike, to aid them in learning about addiction and how to help.

NCADD offers all 270 hours of training requisites to be a certified alcohol and drug counselor. The programs allow people to use continuing education credits, meet renewal hours and professional requirements. The courses are even shorter than the classes in person, but still distribute the content in an interactive and efficient manner. There are also advanced courses for allied behavioral health professionals.

Putting the pedal to the mettle

People will underestimate what it takes to become a counselor and assume it just takes a few hours and a test at the end. In reality, it takes a just under 7 weeks of full day, addiction-specific education, medical practice under supervision, a college degree and much more. NCADD covers these topics for anyone who is previously or newly interested in addiction counselor training. The website notes each state as having specific requirements for counselor certification, including information on how to tell if a state’s particular requirements will allow the NCADD’s courses to count as credit for certification.

Once the recovery has begun for people with addiction, the true battle commences as they learn to live with the addiction triggers around them. explains, “Overcoming an addiction and staying drug-free require a persistent effort.” The road to recovery is not a simple one and requires therapy and support.

What makes this program unique is the accessibility it offers. People can take the certification courses on their own time and receive the same teachings that people in the classroom would have received. NCADD’s Executive Directive, Ezra Helfand said, “More than 1,300 professionals took our courses last year, because they do not need to take time away from their job and travel all over the state for training.” Thus, more people can receive the help they need from professionally-trained individuals.

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Written by Nick Adams, Sovereign Health Group Writer

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