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Fentanyl test strips launched to combat drug overdose

Drug testing strips, similar to home pregnancy kits, could now help in detecting fentanyl overdose in drug samples, as per a recent study carried out by a Rhode Island epidemiologist and published on Feb.8, 2018. A Canadian company has manufactured the strips and the public health officials in New York and Canada have used these […]

Florida doctors unhappy with proposed legislation putting restrictions on opioid prescriptions
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In an attempt to combat the opioid epidemic in Florida, a legislation restricting opioid prescriptions for three days or maximum seven days in case of serious illnesses is likely to be passed soon. But the doctors are opposing it as many cases of acute pain may warrant an extended supply of opioids and the flexibility […]

Governor Rick Scott’s efforts to combat opioid crisis lacks support
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Florida Governor Rick Scott has found little support for his opioid bill. Of the 200-odd lobbyists that the legislature has drawn, most seek to counter it. This is surprising considering that Florida is one of the worst hit states by the opioid crisis. According to data from the Florida Department of Health, physicians had given […]

Florida unveils major plan to combat opioid epidemic
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The United States is in the midst of a massive opioid epidemic, and states like Florida are among the worst hit. In a bid to contain the heroin and opioid epidemic in the state, Florida Governor Rick Scott announced a detailed plan on Sept. 26, 2017, which includes a major legislation and an investment of […]

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month: Using massage therapy to boost recovery
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Addiction recovery has come a long way from clandestine meetings in dark, dingy rooms and marathon counseling sessions. It is now an all-encompassing approach that aims to heal the mind, body and spirit, and helps patients reduce the damage caused by their habit of substance abuse. Experts feel that the root cause of addiction lies […]

Smoking marijuana could affect the way people walk, finds study
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The perception surrounding marijuana use by Americans has changed in the past few years. From viewing it solely as a recreational drug to advocating its use for medicinal purposes, federal agencies have witnessed a massive transformation in people’s attitudes about cannabis. Researchers have carried out studies focusing on possible effects of regular marijuana use. While […]

Closing medical marijuana dispensaries linked to rising crime, says study
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Often accused of contributing to increased criminal activities in the neighborhood, it seems like the negative image projected by pot dispensaries is about to be shaken off. A recent study, published in the Journal of Urban Economics in July 2017, identified an inverse relationship between foot traffic in medical marijuana dispensaries and crime. In the […]

Fed chief blames opioid abuse for falling US labor participation

Amid the rising number of drug overdose deaths across the United States, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has said that the widespread opioid abuse is tied to the nation’s declining labor participation. According to Yellen, the problem is so prevalent that it is holding back the country’s labor market. Yellen’s remarks came on July 13, […]

Medical marijuana legalization spurring illicit drug use, says study
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The past 20 years have witnessed a considerable change in cannabis use and related laws. While many American adults now favor legalizing recreational use of marijuana, the country has seen a sharp increase in the number of pot users over the years. Now, a new study by researchers at the Columbia University suggests that medical […]

Louie Bossi’s journey from a homeless heroin dependent to a successful chef
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It’s hard to imagine Louie Bossi, a successful chef and restaurateur, as a homeless heroin dependent. Nine years into his recovery, Bossi almost died of a heroin overdose on a subway car in New York City in 1992. Throughout his struggle with drug addiction, kitchen has been his salvation. Remembering his time as a homeless […]

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