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Ketamine gives quick relief from depressive symptoms, says study
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Ketamine, popular as a party drug, is effective in treating people with depression, a recent study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry says. While regular antidepressants take several weeks to get relief from signs of depression, ketamine is fast in action, it claims. Furthermore, it has greater efficiency and lasts longer as compared to the usual […]

Florida police arrest man for giving Xanax to 10-year-old in his mother’s absence
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The Florida police recently arrested a man accused of giving Xanax to a 10-year-old boy. According to the police, the man reportedly coaxed the boy to have the drug along with a nacho chip to overcome its bad taste. The man allegedly fed Xanax to the boy to make him feel “chill,” following a sugar […]

DEA restriction on painkillers unintentionally boosted dark web drug trade, says study
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The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) October 2014 ruling to restrict painkillers containing hydrocodone was associated with an increase in illicit online drug trading, revealed a recent study. A team of researchers used a web crawler software to compare the sale of prescription drugs containing hydrocodone with other drugs sold on 31 different dark net […]

‘Fake MDMA,’ a growing problem at concerts
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Cautioning about what could become a massacre of a big level, narcotics experts had warned the enthusiasts attending the Parklife Music Festival in Manchester, United Kingdom, on June 9-10, 2018, of the sale of fake 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA) at the event. According to drug safety charity The Loop, the fake drugs resembled MDMA in terms of […]

FDA issues warning letters to 9 online networks over illegal marketing of opioids
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In its latest move to deal with the nation’s growing opioid epidemic, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on June 5, 2018 sent warning letters to operators of 53 websites across nine online networks to halt illegal marketing of “dangerous, unapproved and misbranded versions of opioid medications,” including oxycodone and tramadol. The drug regulator […]

FDA to employ new strategies to monitor changing patterns in drug use and abuse
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The premature deaths from opioid-related issues across various demographics in the United States is posing an enormous health as well as economic burden on the nation. According to a recent study published online, opioid overdose has become the leading cause of mortality across the U.S. with a 345 percent increase in opioid-related deaths from 2001 […]

Operation PayDirt results in seizure of drugs worth $7 million in Okaloosa County
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A multi-agency probe into drug trafficking landed 15 people behind bars in Okaloosa County recently. The investigation also resulted in the seizure of illegal drugs worth more than $7 million. Calling the bust the largest in history of the county, authorities said a considerable amount of illicit substances like heroin, and fentanyl are now off […]

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