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Mommy boozing and partying is not a joke
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Being a mother is never easy – the endless duties and devotion toward the family that force self-care to take a back seat. But are mothers turning to alcohol to cope with life stressors and get some respite? Are they the new risk category that researchers and therapists need to turn their heads to? To […]

Shocking adverts from yesteryear promoting Class-A drugs as miracle cures
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A cocaine candy to “deaden that sweet tooth”, coca wine to “fatigue, sleeplessness, despondency”, heroin as “the cheapest specific for the relief of coughs”, amphetamine for weight loss or cocaine tablets to “cure nervousness, headaches, and sleeplessness,” these are not marketing gimmicks but some of the advertisements in America that promoted opium and cocaine-laden drugs […]

Cellular damage in infants linked to mother’s depression, says study
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A new mother is naturally drawn toward the baby – holding him/her close, nursing it, singing softly to the bundle of joy and establishing an unspoken relationship. The baby also responds to the gestures by crying and cooing. This helps in fostering a healthy bonding between a mother and her child. But at times, the […]

Star Venice High School football player arrested for possession of cocaine
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Member of the Venice High’s state championship team and star footballer Jeremy J. Trebbles Jr. (18) was recently arrested by the Sarasota Police Department on account of a first-degree felony. He was charged with cocaine possession with the intent of distributing the drug within 1,000 feet of the school property. According to the police report, […]

Pornography to be declared a public health risk in Florida
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Florida is likely to label pornography as a public health risk, following a resolution which received approval from the committee of House of Representatives and got passed by 18 to one. Led by Republican representative Ross Spano, the resolution claimed that studies have established a link between porn and physical, mental, societal and individual distress. […]

Florida Senate approves 3-day limit on opioid prescriptions
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Florida Governor Rick Scott’s efforts to combat the opioid crisis in the state finally seems to have taken a concrete shape. The four best practices he had proposed earlier this month got its first approval from the Senate. As per the legislation, medical practitioners cannot prescribe opioids for more than three days to Floridians struggling […]

Fugitive Cocaine Cowboy Mario Gonzalez arrested in Redland, FL
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The U.S. marshals re-arrested Mario Gonzalez, a key member of notorious drug trafficking ring Cocaine Cowboys, in Florida. Gonzalez, who had earlier spent more than two decades behind bars for plotting murder of feds among various other offenses, was nabbed in a raid in Redland, Florida. According to reports, the man in his 50s was […]

Sierra Madre in Mexico a haven for heroin suppliers
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“And far and wide, in a scarlet tide, the poppy’s bonfire spread.” – Bayard Taylor The words of 19th century American poet and literary critic Bayard Tylor ring true as the Mexican military goes about incinerating piles of poppies in full bloom in southern section of the Sierra Madre Mountains. As far as the eyes […]

Governor Rick Scott’s efforts to combat opioid crisis lacks support
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Florida Governor Rick Scott has found little support for his opioid bill. Of the 200-odd lobbyists that the legislature has drawn, most seek to counter it. This is surprising considering that Florida is one of the worst hit states by the opioid crisis. According to data from the Florida Department of Health, physicians had given […]

NIAAA launches tool to diagnose alcohol addiction
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In the light of the growing number of cases of alcohol abuse and addiction, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), one of the establishments under the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has taken an innovative step to fight the crisis. The NIAAA has launched a website to help people assess their dependence […]

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