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Schizophrenia linked to 3-fold higher mortality rate, finds study
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The effects of schizophrenia are quite debilitating. And to make things worse, a recent Canadian research has suggested that mortality rates among patients of schizophrenia are three times greater than their healthy counterparts. The study also indicated that people suffering from schizophrenia died eight years younger compared to those not afflicted with the mental illness. […]

Study says Rexulti may ensure long-term remission in patients of schizophrenia
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Schizophrenia is a terribly disabling mental health problem with its victims exhibiting symptoms like deficiencies in balanced thought process, distortion in understanding and emotions, and delusions. For patients of schizophrenia, physicians usually recommend a combination of medicines and behavioral therapies, but lack of efficiency in these treatment options usually results in a relapse. To tackle […]

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month: Using massage therapy to boost recovery
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Addiction recovery has come a long way from clandestine meetings in dark, dingy rooms and marathon counseling sessions. It is now an all-encompassing approach that aims to heal the mind, body and spirit, and helps patients reduce the damage caused by their habit of substance abuse. Experts feel that the root cause of addiction lies […]

Findings on functional brain connectivity may help understand mental illnesses, says review
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There is no dearth of psychological illnesses that millions of people all over the world are suffering from. The paucity of necessary information about potential ways of treating them has made things worse. However, researchers have been carrying out studies to examine and understand the functional nuances within the brain region resulting in erratic human […]

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network Day: Sexual assault victims prone to PTSD
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While rape is in itself a painful experience, memories of the incident are more harrowing if the perpetrators of such a shameful crime are known individuals or belong to the victim’s family. Children and teenagers are more vulnerable to incest crimes. The resulting trauma leaves behind a trail of fear and pain that worsens over […]

CBT more effective in treating anxiety regarding one’s health, finds study
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The internet has made the world much easier to live in. Nowadays many people seek necessary information on the web about various disorders affecting them or symptoms of potential health problems they may be afflicted with. However, worrying incessantly about one’s health problems or consulting the internet to get to know more about illnesses or […]

Natural disasters and mental health: Hurricanes can raise risk of PTSD, addiction
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John (name changed) was in a state of shock when he saw the large-scale devastation that Hurricane Irma had caused to his home and neighborhood. He had just joined a therapy center in Florida to recover from the emotional numbness and distressing recollections of certain traumatic experiences that had also resulted in him developing an […]

National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month: What keeps Americans with addiction from seeking recovery
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The number of Americans abusing drugs and alcohol has been increasing steadily. This is evident from the World Drug Report 2017, compiled by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), indicating that roughly 27 percent of the global drug overdose deaths take place in the United States alone. Paradoxically, America being one of […]

Smoking marijuana could affect the way people walk, finds study
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The perception surrounding marijuana use by Americans has changed in the past few years. From viewing it solely as a recreational drug to advocating its use for medicinal purposes, federal agencies have witnessed a massive transformation in people’s attitudes about cannabis. Researchers have carried out studies focusing on possible effects of regular marijuana use. While […]

PTSD can be diagnosed with blood test, finds study
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Unrelieved stress or fearful feelings due to trauma can cause some people to suffer from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As more and more people are grappling with PTSD across the globe, increasing number of researchers are busy looking for new and effective ways of treating the disorder that affects nearly 3.5 percent of […]

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