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I shook hands with death: Lamar Odom on his near-death experience after cocaine overdose
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As an NBA player, Lamar Odom has seen so much and got whatever he wanted in his life. But he certainly didn’t want to see his death so closely, thanks to his drug habits which saw him in coma for four days as he battled for life. The former Los Angeles Laker poured his heart […]

International Day of Friendship: Helping a friend or loved one overcome addiction
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A true friend accepts who you are, but more than that, helps you become who you should be. ~ Anonymous Just like the saying above, a true friend can do more than just offer sound advice; a good friend can help boost one’s confidence and bolster one’s courage; offer support during hard and critical times; […]

Closing medical marijuana dispensaries linked to rising crime, says study
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Often accused of contributing to increased criminal activities in the neighborhood, it seems like the negative image projected by pot dispensaries is about to be shaken off. A recent study, published in the Journal of Urban Economics in July 2017, identified an inverse relationship between foot traffic in medical marijuana dispensaries and crime. In the […]

Magnesium supplements the new magic formula to treat depression?
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While a lot has been said and written about treating depression, a complex mental illness; sometimes options to manage it are found in the least expected places. One such solution was recently discovered by researchers at the University of Vermont: Magnesium supplements. Although healthier food choices have been linked to improved mental health, not much […]

Deadly heroin-fentanyl mix claims youngest victim, a 10-year-old boy

The deadly heroin-fentanyl mix has claimed the life of yet another unsuspecting victim. Alton Banks, a 10-year-old, fifth-grader at Frederick Douglass Elementary School, died post a trip to the local swimming pool on June 23, 2017. Alton started vomiting when he returned from the pool and was found unconscious in the evening. He was rushed […]

Fed chief blames opioid abuse for falling US labor participation

Amid the rising number of drug overdose deaths across the United States, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has said that the widespread opioid abuse is tied to the nation’s declining labor participation. According to Yellen, the problem is so prevalent that it is holding back the country’s labor market. Yellen’s remarks came on July 13, […]

More Central Florida first responders learn to administer miracle drug, Narcan

After the prescription drug epidemic of 2010, South Florida is again witnessing an alarming increase in the number of opioid-related mortalities. As per reports, while the state of Florida continues to report an increase in heroin-related fatalities, the first half of 2016 saw more than 700 people in the state dying of a fentanyl overdose, […]

Rock guitarist Doug Tibbs on his battle with drugs, drinking and depression and getting sober
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“This sounds really cliché, but if I can do it, anybody can. Here I am, a living test of torturing my body, going through everything…from being a successful touring musician to being number whatever inmate at a federal penitentiary, being flat-lining, dead, at an ER – to here I am.” – Doug Tibbs A gifted […]

Opioid prescriptions down but still very high, says CDC
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The nation is witnessing a decrease in the opioid prescription levels but the number of morphine milligram equivalents (MME) prescribed per person in 2015 was still about three times higher than that in 1999, says a federal report released on July 6, 2017, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The report examined […]

Alcohol industry to back a $100 million study to test effects of the substance on heart
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Over the years, the pros and cons of alcohol consumption have been highly debated. It has been linked to many negative health consequences as well as some health benefits. The relationship between alcohol consumption and heart is often complex with past researches linking it to heart diseases including stroke and even death. While some studies […]

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