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Florida doctor accused of distributing $10 million worth pain pill prescriptions
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An 18-month-long investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) led to the arrest of an 84-year-old Broward County doctor in Florida recently for illegally distributing an estimated $10 million worth of pain pill prescriptions. Dr. Williem Ouw, who was arrested on June 15 and held in a Fort Lauderdale jail, was released in a week […]

Medical marijuana legalization spurring illicit drug use, says study
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The past 20 years have witnessed a considerable change in cannabis use and related laws. While many American adults now favor legalizing recreational use of marijuana, the country has seen a sharp increase in the number of pot users over the years. Now, a new study by researchers at the Columbia University suggests that medical […]

Florida governor to sign medical marijuana bill into a law
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Florida Governor Rick Scott is all set to sign into law the Senate Bill (SB) 8-A, the Medical Use of Marijuana Act, which was approved by the state legislature during a special session on June 9, 2017. State health officials on June 19 moved forward with their medical cannabis plans and the bill was formally […]

Louie Bossi’s journey from a homeless heroin dependent to a successful chef
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It’s hard to imagine Louie Bossi, a successful chef and restaurateur, as a homeless heroin dependent. Nine years into his recovery, Bossi almost died of a heroin overdose on a subway car in New York City in 1992. Throughout his struggle with drug addiction, kitchen has been his salvation. Remembering his time as a homeless […]

War on drugs: DEA makes over 30,000 arrests annually over illegal drugs
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Associated with several leading causes of death in the United States, illicit drug use has led to many incidents involving mental illnesses, violence, motor vehicle injuries and homicide. Considered a major public health issue in the country, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) makes over 30,000 arrests each year pertaining to sale and purchase of illegal […]

World Refugee Day: US stresses on mental health screening among refugees
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Forced to leave their homeland due to violence, conflict or torture, refugees’ wounds are often deeply emotional. Even after reaching safe grounds, many struggle with fear and loneliness. While the plight of asylum seekers is a worldwide crisis, experts feel that they should be provided with psychiatric treatment. In need for urgent mental health counseling, […]

Men’s Health Month: Divorce can wreak havoc in his life too
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Charles (name changed) was a happy man till a few years ago when he married his childhood sweetheart Linda (name changed). They lived in a large house in Oxford, England with two lovely daughters. In short, theirs was a happy family. However, as ever, the beautiful fairy tale of Charles and Linda was also bound […]

Drug dealers face murder charges for fentanyl overdose death under new Florida law
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In a move that would help rein in the Florida’s growing opioid epidemic, Governor Rick Scott on June 14 signed a bill into law making mandatory minimum prison sentences for people caught with more than four grams of fentanyl or carfentanil and holding drug dealers accountable in cases of overdose and death. According to the […]

Meth-related ER visits witnessing sharp rise
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Similar to other health care centers, most of the rooms at St. Patrick Hospital, Missoula are filled with regular medical equipment. But there is one particular room with just a bed that is especially set aside for people who have turned psychotic from consuming too much methamphetamine. Nowadays, people with meth addiction frequently end up […]

Dealing with a child’s meth addiction
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Betty (name changed) was only in eighth grade when she, along with her friends, discovered meth pipes for the very first time. She and her friends decided to test them out. Soon, Betty was hooked on to meth. While most of the time Betty’s parents were unaware of her dangerous habit, she continued smoking meth […]

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