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34% city teenagers experience psychotic symptoms, finds study
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Be it for better amenities or good job opportunities, everyone wants to live in a city. While the facilities are many, city life can result in mental health disorders in people. According to a new study, growing up in a city may remarkably increase the risk of psychotic experiences such as hearing voices and paranoia. The study, […]

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist talks of his struggle to save schizophrenic sons
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Ron Powers, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and father of two sons with schizophrenia, is familiar with the pain and frustration that accompanies the mental disorder and stigma surrounding it. With an intimate understanding of issues confronting American families grappling with mental illnesses, his new book, “No One Cares About Crazy People: The Chaos and Heartbreak […]

Face inner demons: New approach to treating schizophrenia
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For a person who suffers from schizophrenia and has lost touch with reality, virtual reality (VR) creates a more realistic version of the patient’s inner demons. In a pilot project at the Montreal’s Philippe-Pinel Institute, developed by psychiatrist and researcher Alexander Dumas, patients are allowed to create computer-generated avatars that look and talk like demons […]

Florida’s progressive database project: Answer to increasing incarceration of people with mental disorder
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In Florida, more and more people with psychiatric illness are being lodged in jails and prisons, which have replaced mental hospitals. The situation is worse in Miami-Dade County. Often, when an adult in Miami-Dade experiences an acute psychotic episode, the first person to respond is a police officer. While many such encounters have proven tragic, […]

Bipolar patients exhibit 3 specific personality traits, says study
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Characterized by intense emotional states, bipolar disorder is a mental illness in which people experience drastic shifts in their mood and behavior. Individuals suffering from the disorder go from feeling manic or hypomanic to depression to remission in an erratic pattern. Usually starting in late adolescence or young adulthood, when left untreated, bipolar disorder can […]

Treating social anxiety disorder with virtual reality
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Social anxiety disorder (SAD), also called social phobia, is the extreme fear of being judged and analyzed by others in social situations. Individuals suffering from the disorder may have symptoms that can disrupt their daily lives and even result in having few or no social or romantic relationships, making them feel alone, ashamed and powerless. […]

Unusually large striatum is linked to inability to cope with anxiety, shows study
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Scientists have identified the part of the brain that causes people to fear uncertainty or fear of the unknown. According to a new research released by the American Psychological Association (APA), people who struggle to cope with anxiety may have an unusually large striatum, an area of the brain already associated with general anxiety disorder […]

Schizophrenia patients on multiple medicines experience cognitive burden, says study
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Individuals with psychotic disorders are often treated with multiple medications. However, many such medicines have anticholinergic properties and their effects on a patient’s cognition often go unnoticed in a clinical practice. Now, a new study suggests that schizophrenia patients being treated with multiple medicines experience adverse effects on their cognition and quality of life. The […]

Florida man gets 7.5 years in prison for cocaine distribution
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In a series of federal prosecutions aimed at a drug trafficking ring operating in the Gulf Coast states, a Florida man was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison. Chief United States District Judge Brian Jackson on May 11 sentenced Kendall Lewis to 90 months in prison. Lewis, 27, had earlier pleaded guilty of conspiring to […]

US workforce increasingly abusing drugs, finds study
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More and more Americans belonging to the working class are falling prey to harmful drugs. A new study suggests that use of illicit substances among the U.S. workforce has reached its highest level in 12 years. According to a research done by Quest Diagnostics, more than one in 25 American workers tested positive for illegal […]

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