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Study finds most people hoard prescription painkillers
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A recent study indicated that the majority of people in the United States who have been prescribed opioids don’t properly dispose of the prescription painkillers and instead hold onto them for later use. These alarming results were published in the scientific journal JAMA Internal Medicine. The study This study, led by researchers at the Johns […]

Children of substance abusers at risk for health, substance problems
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We don’t just inherit hair and eye color from our parents. Temperament, ways of viewing the world, traditions, money habits … even ways of eating are all learned, subtly and otherwise, from one’s parents. But what happens when one’s parents are substance abusers? It’s been known for some time that the children of substance abusers […]

Air pollution might cause mental disorders
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Smog. A term coined in London in the early 20th century to describe that city’s mix of fog and smoke, smog today refers to the results of sunlight reacting with volatile organic compounds (produced by burning fossil fuels in cars, factories and other sources) and nitrogen oxide. This reaction creates two things: the toxic gas […]

Risk factors associated with adolescent substance abuse
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Teens tend to take risks as a part of their normal development. It is how young people fulfill their need for independence and desire for new experiences, master important skills and form their unique identity as they come to have a greater understanding of themselves. Taking risks in the teenage years like smoking, drug abuse […]

Changes in social life may herald dementia
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Many factors affect social interaction in the later years, such as retirement, physical illness, and cessation of driving. Children are usually grown and busy with their own lives. But cognitive decline also affects relationships and activities. In fact, changes in the social lives of seniors might be a sign of early cognitive decline. New study […]

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