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The problem of hoarding and sharing painkillers
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A study by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found 6 out of 10 adults prescribed opioid painkillers kept, rather than disposed of, leftover pills. In addition, studies show individuals routinely give prescription painkillers to friends and family members. These findings indicate physicians overprescribe addictive pain medications, and patients keep such medications in reserve […]

Children with ADHD sleep worse and less than other children
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A group of researchers from Denmark have found that children with ADHD fall asleep less easily than other children and that their sleep quality tends to be poorer. These results confirm what many parents knew already and may help researchers craft treatments to help children with ADHD sleep more easily. The results of this study […]

Marijuana users are at risk for gum disease
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Marijuana is not nearly as dangerous to physical health as alcohol and other drugs are, but that does not mean marijuana use is harmless. Marijuana use has doubled in the U.S. over the past decade, likely due to medical use and legalization.  Many clinical trials have been conducted in order to further determine the safety, […]

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