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A history of Western pain management
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It’s no great mystery that pain is a part of life. While key advances in pain management have yielded longer and full lives for many chronic sufferers, some pain relief treatments have morphed into potentially fatal vices. The following is an account of how Western medicine has dealt with pain. Early history The first instance […]

Common medications cause brain shrinkage
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Certain commonly used medications that have anticholinergic (AC) properties have been known to cause cognitive problems for decades. In fact, both cognitive and physical function can be affected by AC drugs. Delirium and risk of dementia have also been reported in older adults taking ACs. Fortunately, a recent analysis showed that AC drugs did not […]

The latest discoveries in alcohol research
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When it comes to research trends, watercooler statistics and popular factoids are ever-changing. In an age where Google has been adopted as a verb, and arguments are settled over what Snopes says, it would help to know what the most up-to-date and factual information is concerning alcohol. Alcohol use trends According to the National Institute […]

The journey into addiction fueled by OCD

No alcoholic or drug user ever thought that occasional use would lead to addiction. Uncontrollable progression is never part of the plan. People generally overestimate their degree of self-control and underestimate their level of negative emotions. The nature of the brain predisposes humans to addiction. Neuropathways physically form in the brain with each new experience. […]

5 common dual diagnosis relapse triggers

The National Institute on Drug Abuse notes 40 to 60 percent of recovering addicts relapse. A person with dual diagnosis is more vulnerable to relapse than a person with only a mental health or substance abuse disorder. Relapsing in one disorder can quickly cause a relapse in another. For these reasons, it is especially important […]

Self-medication for bipolar disorder: A dangerous path
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Bipolar disorder, with its wild swings between emotional highs and lows, is disorienting and frightening for both patients and those around them. The manic phase of bipolar disorder can make patients feel like they no longer need medication or therapy, stopping helpful treatment. Or patients can decide that they’re the best authority on their course […]

Substance abuse: The hidden plight in aging populations
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Substance abuse affects every age, gender and ethnicity, but individuals may choose to use different substances depending on their age. For example, sniffing glue or paint is more common among high school-aged individuals, whereas illicit use of prescription painkillers, also known as narcotics, is common among the elderly. Another commonly abused substance among older-aged individuals […]

Caring for a loved one with schizophrenia
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“I live permanently in two worlds. The everyday life in which I have to focus on essential matters like working to get food and the world of symbols and what I like to call echoes. If I don’t take medication the symbolism surrounding me gets too obsessive, and I lose grip on the everyday. The […]

Neurofeedback helps brain-injured NFL players and others
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Actor Will Smith powerfully brought to life the condition called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in the recent film entitled “Concussion.” CTE has been described as a progressive neurological deterioration that results from repetitive brain trauma, such as that which professional football players often experience. Symptoms of CTE can be devastating and include mood swings, behavior […]

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