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Cloud 9: A new name for the same drug
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If there’s one positive thing about traditional street drugs like cocaine, heroin, meth and so on, it’s that the user generally knows what they’re getting into. Most of the time, anyway. For the ever-changing family of drugs that have become known as “bath salts,” that’s not the case. Chemists constantly change the drugs’ chemical makeup […]

Relapsing after treatment isn’t the end
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Rehab is difficult – there’s no other way to describe it. Rehab might involve everything from art classes to yoga, but make no mistake: Patients in rehab have their work cut out for them. First, there’s the struggle of detoxing. Many addictive substances make users feel seriously ill as they leave the system. Secondly, therapy, […]

Substance abuse doesn’t care about age
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Substance abuse is often thought of as a problem of the young. When people think of an addict, someone under the age of 40 is usually what comes to mind. Maybe a heroin addict with long, matted hair scrounging for change outside of a convenience store, or that unfortunate music fan who takes something he […]

Re-learning to handle money when sober
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The bank confirms it. That $265 charge to your debit card is no mistake. Then you remember: Paddy’s. Mr. Popular. Buying for the whole bar. Of the myriad epiphanies that sobriety brings, one is the comforting knowledge this will not be a repeat performance. Another is learning what to do with money no longer wasted […]

Combating false health info: The truth about blood pH
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People are looking for ways to protect themselves from disease. One of the latest crazes is to drink alkaline water and eat an alkaline diet. Proponents swear by it and critics call it pseudoscience. To make an educated decision, it is important to understand the role of pH in the body. The pH is a […]

Study shows insight into treating comorbid alcoholism and depression

Depressed patients are considered to be more vulnerable to developing alcohol abuse or dependence, as these individuals may self-medicate with drugs or alcohol to attempt to gain some temporary relief from their depressive symptoms. In a review of the literature, Lori L. Davis, M.D., with the Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center, and her colleagues found […]

Smoking substances and drinking alcohol are more dangerous together
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“I went on a diet, stopped smoking, cut out the drinking and eating heavily, and in 14 days I lost two weeks.” In the 1950s, New York City-born comedian Joe E. Lewis regularly told that joke in his routines, with mild variations. Such was the sentiment then and now, as smoking and drinking have remained […]

Calcium deficiency can cause memory loss and confusion
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Calcium is essential for normal function of the muscles and vital organs, including the brain, and is stored in teeth and bones. A healthy body maintains steady calcium levels in the blood by taking it from the bones when levels are low and excreting it in the urine when levels are high. Underlying health conditions […]

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