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What parents need to know about OTC cough medicine abuse
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Triple C’s, robo and skittles are some of the names teens are using for over-the-counter cough medicine, which they are using to get high. The active ingredient in the medication is dextromethorphan (DXM). Cheap and legal, millions of teenagers are misusing DXM. As a result, some are dying and others are dropping out of life […]

Health benefits of drinking: It pays to have a critical eye
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What do any of us know about drinking? Someone in recovery likely knows more than they’d care to, but for most people, drinking is something done occasionally. A glass of wine with a good meal, a cocktail after work, beers with friends: This is the fun, moderate drinking most people engage in. What’s more, drinking […]

The dangers of alcohol overconsumption

A pounding headache, a racing heartbeat, uncontrollable sweats, body aches and vomiting are some of the common symptoms people endure after a long night of drinking. Hangovers are the worst. They’re a painful sign that a person consumed more alcohol than his or her body could handle and, as a result, the next half day […]

Dietary management of substance use disorders
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Research shows that nutritional management can help a recovering addict during his or her journey of recovery. Nutritional deficiency during an addiction recovery is a two-edged sword. First, the ingestion of a drug or alcohol in itself damages the body. Alcohol, for example, hinders nutrient breakdown and absorption. Substance abuse causes vitamin and mineral deficiencies […]

Nurturing children prevents risky behaviors
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Children are like play dough. Their minds and spirits are constantly molded by people, experiences and their environment. They can become stiff from being left out in the cold and they become soft and moldable when shown love. How children are raised is one of the biggest determining factors of whether they will be involved […]

Treating chronic pain and its emotional ‘baggage’ with innovative drug therapies
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More than 100 million Americans live with chronic pain and this growing medical issue is now costing the Unites States approximately $600 billion annually. Chronic pain can be secondary to physical injuries that result in musculoskeletal pain or nerve pain. Other types of chronic pain do not result from physical trauma and show no signs […]

The spotlight effect, social anxiety and surviving mistakes

All of us know what it’s like to make a social blunder, whether that blunder involves mispronouncing a word, tripping over our feet or forgetting the name of an acquaintance. Most of us also know what it’s like to lie in bed at night, replaying a years-old mistake and cringing inwardly at our (real or […]

Genetic link discovered between antisocial behavior and drug use
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Researchers at Duke University have found that adolescents with the DRD4-7R genotype are even more likely to engage in antisocial behavior after witnessing alcohol or drug use than adolescents who do not possess the genotype. Unlike prior research, which established a link between environment and later-life behaviors, the Duke study found that exposure to alcohol […]

Exploring compensated limits for treatment
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“People were telling us they were determined to become sober. They would call a hospital or clinic or treatment center and they would be denied.” This is what Senator Jennifer L. Flanagan said she heard time and again in 2014 during advocacy meetings for insurance coverage of inpatient addiction treatment. Although a heated debate over […]

Mixing wine and marijuana: What could go wrong?

As marijuana legalization gradually spreads across the United States, an interesting thing has started happening to cannabis culture: It’s gotten fancier. Although pot use was once associated with greasy foods like pizza and hamburgers, marijuana enthusiasts are now calculating the best steaks, chocolates and gourmet cheeses to go with their habit. Cultivating Spirits, cannabis touring […]

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