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U.S. elderly must often go without necessary medical treatment
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The United States is the only country in the world where for-profit insurance companies intervene between doctor and patient to determine which treatment, procedure, surgery or hospitalization will or will not be covered. It is also the only country where pharmaceutical manufacturers are accountable to no one regarding the price of their product and are […]

Recognizing substance abuse in people over 50
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When the subject of drug or alcohol abuse is discussed, most people visualize the culprits as people in their teens, 20s or even 30s. The fact is that substance abuse, particularly of alcohol and prescription drugs, amongst people 60 and older is a rapidly growing problem. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, even […]

The art of taking recovery step by step
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The path to recovery is different for everybody, but those with long-term sobriety understand that recovery is not a destination but a journey. Like most journeys, taking recovery step by step keeps life manageable and focuses on the present. Whether a 12-step program is used or another approach, recovery requires a complete change in lifestyle […]

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