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Why do good girls like bad boys?
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Many people who have escaped from a bad relationship have looked back on it and realized there were red flags along the way that they should have heeded. Perhaps the warning signs were present from the beginning or maybe they appeared as the relationship progressed. Although the “bad” person in a relationship may be of […]

Discrimination is a strong trigger for substance abuse
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Ask an addict what led them to drugs, you’ll hear as many kinds of answers as there are addicts. Escape. Boredom. Self-medication. It made the voices stop for a while. But there’s another reason which can send people into the spiral of addiction: Discrimination. Nobody likes to be made to feel like a second-class citizen […]

Are punishments too lenient or severe for professional athletes who use drugs?
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The short answer: too lenient for too long. But now professional sports are getting tougher on cheaters. Case in point: A-Rod Alex Rodriguez was suspended for the 2014 MLB season over allegations he used human growth hormones and other banned substances. Rodriguez – A-Rod – turns 41 this year – ancient by MLB standards. He […]

No shame in taking a mental health day
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Have a job? Congratulations. It’s a fair assumption you probably work hard at it. You might be working too hard. In measuring “work-life balance”, the 2013 OECD Better Life Index put the United States in the 28th spot in a study of 36 advanced nations.Americans work very hard, and they worry about it, too. The […]

Swimming in the deep end: Synthetic drugs in Florida
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The gator that is synthetic drugs swims just beneath the surface, waiting to strike and drag its prey down to the depths of addiction. Unsuspecting Floridians, dip their toes in, test the murky waters of experimentation unsure what lies beneath — only to end up addicted, arrested or dead. Once is all it takes. Now, […]

Can drug abuse contribute to Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) robs people of their long-term memory, causes people to become confused even among familiar surroundings and inhibits their ability to even recognize their loved ones. It is a progressive disease and the only one among the top ten causes of death in the U.S. that cannot be prevented, cured or even slowed. […]

Discussing mental health in the workplace: Not the common water-cooler talk
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When it comes to the work week, people may use the words, mundane, repetitive or boring – while others identify hectic, exhausting, stressful and impossible with their job schedule. The workplace can be a jungle of stress for some and like watching paint dry for others; mental health can be strained in both instances. More […]

The impact of addicted parents on children
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The ideal parents nurture their offspring, providing warmth and care in both the good and bad times. When powerful drug addictions take hold, these guardians can make every day a negative experience for their families. As a result, the children must often contend with trauma and psychological ramifications. While the effects can vary depending on […]

Prescription drugs and their alternative abusive uses
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Although they are designed to help people with clinical ailments, approximately 52 million people misuse prescription medications each year. The misuse and abuse of these drugs are rooted in their easy access, as 54.2 percent of Americans obtain prescription medications through a friend of relative for free. Painkillers are snorted or injected, tranquilizers are mixed […]

Remembrance of blackouts past: Excesses coming home to roost
Posted in Addiction, alcoholism, Substance Abuse - 0 Comments ran a story on the amount of time each cigarette, drink and drug shaves off a person’s life expectancy. One cigarette reduces life expectancy by 13 minutes. A line of cocaine knocks off five hours. A shot of booze eliminates six hours of longevity. Meth, methadone and heroin: 11, 12 and 22 hours, respectively. […]

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