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Occupational therapy: An age-old profession with a rich history
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Occupational therapists work with people with physical or mental disabilities to make these patients’ lives as functional as possible. For a patient in a wheelchair, that may mean strategizing to enable them to cook for themselves. For those struggling with debilitating depression, therapists may draw up a schedule of activities to get patients out of […]

Redefining “correctional:” Taking a look at mental health policy and prison design
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There are approximately 2.2 million people in prison in the U.S. and the country incarcerates more people than any other country in the world. Most inmates are locked up for nonviolent offenses and will eventually be released. Toure Neblett, author and journalist, is also a former prison inmate and he believes the current treatment of […]

Mental and behavioral health changes in older people
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As the population lives longer, the need for mental and behavioral health services increases. Older individuals typically face problematic situations that come with aging such as loss of spouse and loss of mobility and independence. They may no longer be able to drive or perform everyday tasks such as housecleaning, laundry and grocery shopping. Twenty […]

Occupational therapy: Making the transition from hospital to home possible

When the term “therapy” is used, people may think of psychotherapy, physical therapy, animal assisted therapy, behavioral therapy, art therapy or any of the myriad therapies available. A lesser-known treatment that may be overlooked is occupational therapy, a form of treatment that turns everyday activities, such as cooking or socializing, into a modality of physical […]

Health care south of the border
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When it comes to mental health care, Brazil sets an example for other countries. It is the only country with a population of over 2 million people to boast a universal health system, including mental health services, funded by federal, state and municipal budgets. In recent years, the country moved from an exclusionary to a […]

As time goes by: Maintaining brain wellness during the aging process
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In the summer of 2012, Canadian woman Olga Kotelko was 93 years old. She visited the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois for an in-depth analysis of her brain. Why? Because Kotelko is a track-and-field athlete with more than 30 world records in her age group. The study, reported […]

Aphantasia – Living with the inability to form mental pictures
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When Neil Kenmuir was a child and had trouble sleeping, his stepfather would tell him to count sheep and explain how to do it. Kenmuir says he tried and tried but couldn’t do it “I couldn’t see any sheep jumping over fences, there was nothing to count.” Adam Zeman, a professor of cognitive and behavioral […]

Taking care of mental and physical health during heat waves part 4: Staying hydrated during hot weather
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It’s a simple formula, two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, otherwise known as water – a substance comprising more than two-thirds of a human’s body weight. In survival circumstances, a human being can survive approximately three weeks without food although some hardy souls have survived for longer periods of time. Surviving without water is […]

Taking care of mental and physical health during heat waves part 3: Planning diet and nutrition during a heat wave
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The last thing anyone wants to do during periods of hot weather is turn on the stove or oven and heat up the house. During hot weather it seems people naturally crave foods such as salads and meals that don’t require much cooking time. Biochemist Shirley Corriher says that contrary to popular belief, ice cold […]

Taking care of mental and physical health during heat waves part 2: Staying cool and keeping fit in hot weather
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When the mercury zooms to the top of the thermometer and humidity is high, the last thing most people feel like doing is some form of exercise to maintain fitness. With some adjustments, though, it is possible to stay in shape in hot weather. As long as the temperature outside is below 80 degrees Fahrenheit, […]

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